Friday, March 25, 2005

Day 61: Kimmy's joke and I'm not very into writing to a stuffed rabbit

Well, Kimmy just told me the funniest little joke! She acted it out a lot with gestures and what not, but I thought it was just hilarious, and a friend like I always wants to share such wonderful delights with a friend such as her blogger friends, and so here it is:

A little dog that barked walked into the cutest little hair dresser's place and said, 'Bark bark bark!' because that was all he knew how to say. And then wouldn't you know it! The hair dresser said, "We don't serve trees, Mister!"

And so that is the joke.

And the way Kimmy told it, as she was pretending to be a dog that is called a "poodle," and also a hairdresser, but that had fingers that were scissors instead of real scissors, and how she was swatting at my hair whilst telling it, just like a horse does to another horse--well, the whole package made for just the cutest, funniest little joke! And a joke, now and then, can really lift one's spirits, and so on this Good Friday, I am just passing that on to you, and I do just wish you all the happiest Easter because it is really a holiday of good things. Although I do have to say that I was disturbed to learn that at malls, the fake Easter Bunny was having kids sit on his lap and he was asking them, "What do you want for Easter?" Because it is one thing to write a letter to a man in red that lives at the North Pole asking for gifts, but it is quite another to to write a letter to a large stuffed rabbit who lives who knows where asking for gifts.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Day 59: My rockstar meeting with Kimmy and that is all I can say without giving the rest away that is my adventure of life today

I must say, and I've said this before, but I've found it always to be the case. Life sure knows how to throw you a bone now and then. Even if you had to kill the chicken yourself with your own bare hands and struggle and get cut up by the chicken's claws, and then have to yank the bone out of the chicken, and clean it up enough so that it's something you wouldn't mind that Life gave you--Life sure does know how to throw those bones.

Well, I could not think of the best song to win back my friendship for Kimmy, but since I had worked so hard yesterday in getting my hair done just so and warming up my voice in the shower, I knew I must strike while the kettle was hot! So I grabbed my sack of pennies and threw on my most striking rockstar outfit, which was 1) purple flowered leggings 2) a short orange cordoroy skirt 3) a shirt that said, "Friendship is the perfect Blendship" and 4) a hat/crown that I made from aluminum foil and decorated with popsicle sticks, band-aids, and bark with glue. Then I made haste and got over to Kimmy's residence.

I waited in my normal spot where I like to post myself, watching for Kimmy to come and go. It was a good wait because while there, I got to think about what I might sing to Kimmy to make the most beautiful song in the world. Well, I had not yet figured out what that song was when I saw Kimmy's car pull up, and she walked into her residence facility, and then I even saw the light turn on in her room. As the light turned on, a tiny grey light turned on in my head too, and I knew right then and there, the most beautiful song to win Kimmy back was not some song I had rehearsed and perfected! No! It was a song that I would make up on the spot, that I would sing from my heart! It would be real and pure and Kimmy would see that and take me back as her best friend.

So I grabbed my sack of pennies and began throwing them at Kimmy's window. It appeared that the pennies tended to like to go to other people's windows, as well, so I became witness to quite some unpleasant things people were shouting out and about. But soon I heard Kimmy's distinct shout, and I stopped tossing. I ran out so she could see me in the dimming light and I just burst into song right then and there!

I couldn't even tell you what my song was like now, only that it had key words in it like "Orchard, me, Kimmy, friends, blendship, imposter". But that's all I remember because it really was just a river flowing from my heart to Kimmy's window, and it flowed so loud and fast that Kimmy told me, "Stop! No! Stop! I down! I come down!" or something to that effect, and true to her word, Kimmy came down and stood about 10 feet away from me..

I wanted to run at her and give her a hug, but then remembered how she had not received me so warmly the last time. So I learned from history, and remembered that wonderful song from my childhood that taught me, "Once bitten, twice shy, babe." So I remained planted where I remained, and Kimmy stared at me for a moment. She held a large paper bag in her hands and I was hoping that it was a bundle of friendship underneath! I knew that she was trying to figure out if I were the true Orchard at this moment, or just an imposter. Well, she finally shook her head at me, and pointed to my leggings then to my crown and she started laughing. I started laughing also and lauged so hard that I fell on the ground and started rolling around. I rolled quite a distance, and Kimmy had to jog a little to catch up with me.

Then I sat up and finally stood on my own two feet and told her this one sentence, that I hoped would always bring her comfort, "I am the real Orchard."

Well, it seemed to work because then she did the most touching thing in the world. She pulled out from under that paper bag the tap dancing green paper mache grass ostrich that I made for her for St. Patrick's day! I had left it by the trash dumpster, so I had figured it had been impounded by now, but apparently Kimmy had rescued it and undoubtedly seen my card expressing how I missed her. I then had to give her a hug and she didn't seem to think I was as much of an imposter then or if I were, I made a darn good green tap dancing grass paper mache ostrich. But she then broke away from me and ran into the house at lightning speed!

I tried to follow her, but I was holding the ostrich and it just didn't allow me to catch up, and that Kimmy sure does have legs that take her places at a rapid pace. I started to panic because I was afraid I might have accidentally done something an imposter of Orchard might have done, but then Kimmy appeared back down stairs near me and she held a large bucket in her hand and grinned just the cutest little grin. She yelled, "Bad cow! Bad cow!" and I was rather quite impressed that she had learned so many English words from me. Then she seemed to run at me, and all of a sudden, she dumped a bucket of sour smelling milk all over me.

Well, I was quite shocked at first because of the stench and coldness on my clothes and body, then I quickly came to my senses and knew that Kimmy was only playing the special game I had shown her the last night before she stopped answering my calls, only that time she was the bad cow and I was the bucket holder. Well, Kimmy had a good laugh and shook my hand, and I laughed too, but then thought it was about time to go, as I ought to get out of my sour milk rock star clothing.

Kimmy nodded and said, "Oh yes, good, good. Yes." and I knew that I had my Kimmy back.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Day 58: My special hairstyle and clip and how it must be hard to live in a separate place from a husband a girl in Jamaica loves

Well, sometimes it appears that in the process of achieving a goal, even if the goal is not yet completed, one can really quite achieve something else which is not too dissimilar from one's first goal anyway.

So today, while I do not let have the lyrics or melody worked out for my song to make Kimmy, my friend who thinks I'm an imposter, become my best earth friend again and feel comfortable that I am me, I decided I ought not to waste time waiting for the lyrics to appear in my mind, so I have gone ahead and started working on other steps of my plan, even if Step #1 is not completed.

And so I have made sure that my voice is ready to sing a very nice song, which was mostly accomplished by singing a ditty in the shower that had words in it about someone sitting in a car and how she "sits and shifts and shifts and sits" and so on. Then when my voice was ready to perform, I also decided that I must look like a singer, so I went to the hair dresser's today, as I figured they ought to be able to make me a star, and this is where I had a quite surprising and delightful encounter.

At the hair dresser's, I told the dresser to dye my hair just the cutest little rockstar color, and then to make it big in places, and short in places, and hard in places, and just smooth in other places. Well, the hair dresser said to me that a good hair dresser always like a challenge and that I was certainly presenting one to her, so I told her she was quite welcome, and that I would make sure to mention she said that in my blog tonight.

So, I shall call the hairdresser "Brigit," because I feel it is not right to expose her true name on such an international basis or she would become quite swamped with work, and really, she is just trying to make ends meet so her husband can come back from Jamaica and live with her here in the U S of A, where she lives on a short term visa.

So as Brigit was making my hair presentable, she asked why I wanted such a hairdo. And so I told her my tale of my blog and how my best friend bloggers have just all encouraged me to make new friends, like at the bookstore, and Applebees, and by adopting an international baby, and during the superbowl, and at yoga and pilates classes, and all my other little adventures. And how that led to my having my friend Kimmy not believe that I was the true Orchard.

Well, it was so sweet because Brigit laughed and even shed a tear whilst she kept apologizing while holding up one hand and shaking her head and looking down, which was darling, and when she gained control of herself from the emotion of my tale, she said it was too bad I was not a rapper because she said there was already a song out there by a man who is white who had the same issue of making sure people knew that he were the true himself and not an imitator. But I said that was alright because I would not want to use a rap by someone else when I really must have lyrics about Orchard and Kimmy anyway.

But my story touched her so, as she surely knew what it was like to be separated from someone you love, and she even said she would give me a special little hair clip that looked like a pickle and said "Heinz" on it, that she had brought with her from Jamaica, and she would place it on me because surely Kimmy would love to hear a song from Orchard with a nice Jamaican pickle clip.

And so while I do not yet have my Step #1 completed, that is to say, my song is not created from my mind yet, my day turned out to be just quite festive anyway in completing my other steps. And I really just must say that it is possible that Brigit and I will become rather nice earth friends, as well, although one can never tell if Love will draw her back to her husband who is in that place that is Jamaica, where they have darling little hair clips of side dishes and a generosity of spirit that allowed a girl from Jamaica to give said clip to me.

And even though it reached 57 degrees Farenheit today, which was rather nice--with my new hair do, and my voice all ready, I feel that tomorrow will be the day I will be able to go to Kimmy's and win her back as my best earth friend.

Love always,

Orchard p

Monday, March 21, 2005

Day 57: The most beautiful song in the world and how it will make everything right again

Dear Friends,

Well, I have decided that it might not be the wisest thing to leave more notes around Kimmy's place of residence, since I last almost had an encounter with a crazy fan, and really, a girl like I just doesn't have time to deal with people who are crazy fans of her letters and Hello Kitty notes she has left for her friend, Kimmy. I also fear that Kimmy will not recognize me as the real Orchard if I visit, and she may say, "No more, Orchard!" to me, thinking I am such an imposter as she intimated a few days ago.

So the plan that I have devised is the following:

Step 1: Write the most beautiful song in the world about how I am the real Orchard and how I am not an imposter, but actually Kimmy's best friend

Step 2: Practice my singing voice until I have quite a rather pleasing tonal quality to my lullabies

Step 3: Take my new song and my practiced voice to Kimmy's place of residence.

Step 4: Throw pennies at Kimmy's window, on account of their not being so big as to destroy the window, but being nice enough to make a little "tick tick" as they land on the window. I have also decided this would be a good deed of the night, as children might find the pennies in the morning and that might just make their day so that they say, "Hey! I have found a penny here on the pavement below this place of residence and it has just changed everything!"

Step 5: Sing my melodic song to Kimmy in the hopes that she will know only the real Orchard would sing like this to her.

Step 6: Have fun with Kimmy again as my best friend revisited.

So that is my plan, but I am still stuck on Step 1. I suppose if I am in a real pickle, I could always set my ostrich poem to music if need be, but then all my friendship and real-orchard-being tellings will have to be metaphoric instead of stated, but that is not such a bad thing. So that is my systematic blog entry of the day and it quite seems like I am an organized person with these 6 steps, so Monday has certainly shown me a thing or two!



(And I must say that I am so happy, as always, and appreciate so much, the love and support of my special blogger friends who are loyal and lovely, and give me kind words about Kimmy and my poem, like Mike and Alejo, Dreamwalker and Javafoofoo, Michael, and all the other ones who are supportive in spirit and eyes, which is just rather invaluable. And I would also like to welcome a one Marc who is just the sweetest guy, along with the other sweetest blog guy friends I have, but he is just shy to post on the public domain of orchard, but he posts things in a shower, where he appears to be best friends with "celebs" as they are known to be called. And yet even so, he seems like he might become friends with a one Justin, who has a tone which is not too dissimilar from Marc's, but really not the same--which just proves that is the wonder of life and Monday!)

Friday, March 18, 2005

Day 54: My encounter with Kimmy and how now I just use the Gazelle eliptical again

So, yesterday, I decided to paint my ostrich paper mache gift for Kimmy green in honor of St. Patrick's Day, but I did not have any paint or crepe paper as tends to be what people use to make the newspaper of a paper mache look like it is not simply newspaper. Well, I have always been one to make do with what I have, and today was no exception. So I just used a marker that was green and colored it to the best of my ability. The marker happened to run out part way through my coloring, so then I finished up by gluing some bits of grass that had returned to the world from under its snow blanket. The grass was more brown than green, but I supposed that was alright.

Then today, I sat out by Kimmy's residence once more, waiting to see her enter or leave her place of living, and I got to thinking about quite a bit. I got to thinking about my long lost love that I saw at the Shell Station and who lives in Australia now, and I got to wondering if a girl like I would ever really find true love if she can't find a friendship that doesn't have such problems, such as not being able to contact one's friend.

Well, just then, in the middle of this thought, Kimmy, came out of her residence, and I saw that as not a bad sign, and that maybe meant that I would be able to contact my long lost love at some point again, who has never truly left my heart entirely. Kimmy saw me and did not run to her car this time, but stood and held up a bucket at me. I ran to her and tried to give her a hug, but she shoved the bucket at me and said, "Yours. You take." So I took the bucket and thanked her for returning it, as the last time that I saw Kimmy was when I showed her quite a fun game called "Bad Cow" where I filled that bucket with spoiled milk and dumped it on Kimmy and I thought it was so cute and funny the way she ran around just like the little animal she was pretending to be, and that's when she had to make me rush off, probably because she had to get to yoga class, and that's when it became difficult to contact her since then.

So Kimmy has always been a thoughtful girl and this was no different, as she was so sweet to think of returning the bucket. But she did not look as sweet as she has in the past, but I do not blame her for not looking sweet when she has probably been a little bit sick inside her residence all by herself without her friend, Orchard, to cheer her up.

After I thanked Kimmy, she went to her car and got in, and then said a sentence that was more English than I'd ever heard her say before and that sentence, which still cuts me to the bone and heart even now, one day after the fact--that sentence she said was this:

"Orchard--no more. Orchard no friend. No more. Good bye. No more. No more."

All the while she kept shaking her head and flailing her arms from inside her car. Well, I fear that she thought I was an imposter and that the real Orchard was somewhere else, so I yelled, "No, It's me, Kimmy! I'm Orchard--come to be your best friend again!" And I even threw the bucket in the air to show how excited I was, and it landed on her car, which was another sign we were meant to be best friends.

But Kimmy yelled, "No more! No more, Orchard! Go! Go!" And she tooted the horn on her car and looked at me with not a nice look at all, which I assume she meant for the imposter Orchard, not me, but of course, she did not realize I was not the imposter, but the real thing.

And then she drove off.

I decided not to follow her because she seemed upset, so instead, I picked up the bucket that she had returned and I got out the ostrich paper mache creation and I put it in the bucket along with my card that said, "I miss you, Kimmy. Please, let's hang out and be best friends again!" And then I placed the bucket with the green tap dancing ostrich by the trash dumpster outside of Kimmy's residence.

Because I do not know how to convince Kimmy I am the real Orchard, especially when she does not understand most of what I say anyway, and she just had such an angry look to her that it crushed my insides so I feel like quite a bit of tightness in my throat and chest.

But that is all not entirely a shock, as today is the day after St. Patrick's Day, when the calendar is at its lowest point, which is why there are no pictures or colorful words in my blog today, and being at the lowest point of the non-orthodox calendar is a thought which encourages me at least, so I guess there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

And now, after the encounter, I have simply played on my eliptical machine because there is really nothing else a girl like I can do when her best friend, Kimmy, tells her "No more, Orchard. No more," even if she thought she was talking to an imposter.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Day 52: My tap dancing ostrich paper mache and also my poem about it and maybe Kimmy will like it

Well, I don't have much to report yet about the status of my friendship which deserves to be renewed since yesterday, except that I am creating a piece of paper-mache pottery in the shape of an ostrich wearing just the cutest little top hat with maybe a feather or two in it, and I'm even going to give him little tap shoes that I will make out of rocks so that they will make a loud tappy-tappy when they are thumped on the ground. And with the ostrich mache, I intend to surprise Kimmy and give it to her so that our friendship will be good as new.

But when I was laying out the plans to my ostrich tap dance paper mache friendship-inducing gift, I suddenly got a poem in my head that I created out of my own mind and
wanted to share it with you, because it is just the sort of thing that one shares with one's friends.

The ostrich wore tap shoes
And wanted to tap
But he only had one thing,
One thing on his back,
Which weighed him down,
And it made him frown,
And that thing on his back
Was sadness.

So he threw off that thing,
That thing on his back,
And flung it to the sky
Then he took a nap.
And when he awoke,
He knew he'd been poked
With a stick
Or a brick
And in lickity split,
He flew off!

Well, ostriches can't fly,
But this one--he tried,
And he made from the roof to the ground.
And under that ground,
Under his head he had found
That the sadness was buried below.

So he hooked up a hose
And aimed it first at his nose,
And when he was sure that it worked,
He set it upon that ground
Where he found
The sadness,
And he killed all that dirt!

That is the end of the poem that just came to me, and I think it is not such a horrible thing to be an ostrich now and then, especially if one is a proactive ostrich and tries to get rid of one's problems in a constructive manner, such as the one in my mind-poem did, even though it appears to be an open-ended question of whether the ostrich got back to tapping or not.

Well, I am wishing you all a happy March 16 which is one day before St. Patrick's Day, except I have a suspicion that it is already St. Patty's Day, as they say, in Dreamwalker's time, which will never grow old to me, even if I become 77 years of age one day in the distant future and must needs rest upon social security in the U S of A, if such a program exists, although with the rate at which people do not like President Bush's social security program or the current program, who can tell really one way or the other.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Day 51: My Hello Kitty letters, my pride, and my one lost chance to see Kimmy...

Sometimes we learn things from people giving us bits of their wisdom, sometimes we learn only when those bits of wisdom come into play, such as the street lady who threw her burger at me, and sometimes we learn a lesson only when something very serious and important happens to us, and then it is knowledge for which we have encountered by Life.

Well, the latter of those three options has occured to me today. It has been a very busy week or so since last I wrote, and, as some of you may have guessed, it has had a lot to do with my adventure of keeping the earth friendship with Kimmy that is rightfully mine, even though I have received new blogger-friendship such as
Justin who Speaks on his blog, as he says, and FDV, who is really from Portugal.

And so I have been staking out space near Kimmy's place of residence in the hopes of finding her walking into or out of her living place and really just letting her know about our friendship and all. It has been a difficult process on
my eyes as they tend to close from time to time and I really only saw Kimmy leaving the building one time and that is where my lesson was learned, which I illustrate below:

You see, I have written a great deal of notes on stationary that was 1) Hello Kitty 2) Winnie the Pooh 3) Butterflies and caterpillars 4) lined, college ruled and 5) unlined plain cream resume paper. I have left these notes on all the doors in the residence building, all the windows that I could make my way to, all of the cars in the area, and I have even made a few stand-type things on which to adhere my letters, so they serve as beautiful signs of our friendship.

My notes have caused quite a few
head-turns from the other residents who live near Kimmy, and my pride in the letters cost me my one meeting with Kimmy and I shall never forget this. For one residence ripped out a note that I had taped to his card with gray electric tape, which is rather quite sturdy and sticky, much better than the ones I had taped to his car with scotch tape on previous hours, and he made his way over to me at quite a rapid pace and seemed to be hollering something, which was probably praise to my art work and generosity of spirit toward my friend, Kimmy. And this is when I felt a surge of pride in my letters and allowed the flattery that was to come blind me to realizing that Kimmy was walking out of the door and into her car!

Well, I never did get to even hear the praise from the man with the car, because I ran after Kimmy as fast as I could, but it was too late. She had pulled away and left. My
pride and my desire to hear such a beautiful compliment to my work prevented me from achieving the very thing my work was about of which I was trying to find out about.

And now it seems that the residents of the area in which Kimmy lives are quite overwhelmed with my letters on the nice paper and it has been conveyed to me that I ought to quickly cease my lettering or they shall have to involve other authorities, which I encouraged these people to involve, as I would like to get an answer from someone about Kimmy, to which they responded that they were
not amused with me. But I was not trying to be amusing, as this was rather a serious manner and it hurt me that they would even think I would be trying to amuse them at a grave time such as this.

So that is about where I am at. And my lesson of pride has been taught by Life herself, and I think I shall give up my letter-writing for a time just so that I can feel the effects of my prideful actions, and I shall try to touch base with Kimmy another way, even though she is just such a sweet girl and the sun is shining with the hopes of an answer soon to my friendship, but if I had to sum up my lesson into a nice neat little adage, it would be this:

"Do not allow your pride to blind you from seeing the thing around you which is what you are trying to figure out, for if you accept flattery on your actions, then it may blind you from seeing clearly the thing in which you are attempting to see, and then you could lose your one chance and maybe not even hear that flattery anyway, and then it was not only not worth it for the flattery, but you didn't even get the flattery either and so it really wasn't worth anything, so please, just stay away from that entirely."

Orchard P. Dirk

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Day 44: The burger the street woman threw at me and how I still was not prepared for the lesson of life today

A woman on the street in NYC who had a mcdonald's hamburger in her hand, once told me as I trotted by, "Don't get comfortable in life, because that's when everything changes!" And she even tossed her hamburger at me, as if to prove the point that I wasn't on my guard to block the hamburger, but I really rather just felt sorry that she had wasted such a nice sandwich, but apparently it wasn't much of a waste because she picked it right up from the ground and went back to eating it and doling out wisdom to other passersby as if nothing had happened.

But something had happened. And ever since then, I wondered when this piece of wisdom from the street lady would come into play in my life and it seems that day is today. Because it was today when I went to Kimmy's house to pick her up so we could go chalk paint grizzly bears on the sidewalk and make them have human characteristics like anger, giggling, snarling, narrowing eyes, being shocked and such, as we'd planned, that I recognized Kimmy was not in her place of residency. I waited upon her steps for quite some time to no avail, even through the rain, but when the snow storm started, I decided it was time to walk to another place, because I was not wearing gloves or a hat as it had appeard to be 40 degrees Farenheit earlier, but now it had gotten very cold in the 20s Farenheit again and very windy which made it colder as tends to be the effect one weatherman calls "wind chill."

So I made up many notes and used my gum to stick them to all of Kimmy's windows, as I had not brought tape, as I did not anticipate such a trying afternoon and an afternoon filled with needing tape, but that is just like the mcdonald's street lady had intimated to me even back then to be prepared. And so it appears that my friend, Kimmy, from a far off place called Taiwan, who does not speak too much English but only the nice words, has gone off to another place and decided she did not want to chalk paint grizzlies after all, even though people in the great state of New York tend to legally hunt brown or black bears with rifles, and they are coming more and more south is the word, but New Jersey had quite a problem of that years ago, but at least it is not the New Jersey Devil, is what I say.

Well, I have learned my lesson and I suppose it was the hard way, because I had rather gotten comfortable with my Kimmy friend. But Life has stirred the pot with me in it, and that is just something that doesn't stick until you experience it in life yourself, as tends to be what occured in my said life only today, which is really only half way done in my time, although Dreamwalker is probably on the 9th of March already, which is just too fast for me, although I did eat several peanut butter preztels at a speed of which I am not proud.



Monday, March 07, 2005

Day 43: My freckle/moth/computer disk dream and really, what does it mean after all?

Before I tell you the dream which I had in my brain last night, I must thank all of you who have come to alleviate my fears of hurting any of you because of my new best earth friend, and I just appreciate it more than you can probably even imagine because that is just the way a girl such as I is, and I wanted to let you know of such.

Well, it seems that it came to pass I had quite a dream last night and the quite a dream that I had seemed to be this:

I was peeling bananas and throwing the peels in a garbage disposal with my new best earth friend, Kimmy, who doesn't speak much English because I have learned in real life that she is from a very far off place that she likes to call "Taiwan." And for each banana peel we would throw into the disposal, a tiny moth would fly out and land on my nose and sometimes even bite my nose, and then when I went to look at my face in a mirror which was really just a reflection in a tv in the dream, it came to be that the moths had not only bitten my face, but each bite turned into a little freckle on my face, and I rather looked like I had been out in the sun, which is not the case in real life as it tends to be too cold for sun bathing still.

Well, then Kimmy did not have any freckles on her face because the moths only wished to land on my face, but she was laughing at me and pointing at me and saying, "Funny, funny, oh yes, quite funny!" which Kimmy has not yet said in real life, but I imagine it's a simple enough thing she might say soon if she thinks such a thought, which I'm not entirely sure she has yet, of me anyway, although she has said "Fun!" a few times in real life and those are times I treasure to a great deal (like the time on Saturday when I showed her how to microwave a bag of
popcorn but leaving just a little bit of the bag open instead of entirely closed as they say to do, and watching the fun that ensues, as they say).

And then Kimmy and I took a purple yoga mat and bopped all of the moths with it and killed them, but my freckles still did not disappear and then the dead moths were actually little
computer disks now, in my dream, and I was so happy to see them, when in real life I am not so happy or unhappy to see a computer disk. And Kimmy and I cradled the computer disks and drown them in milk, as though we were pleased to have a baby of our own, but it was only a computer disk, much as I just said a moment ago.

Well, that's about it. Except in the end, after we had made sure the computer disks had had enough milk, it developed that Kimmy was no longer Kimmy, but rather just some stranger that I didn't recognize at all, but that might have resembled a woman who asked me how to use a CoinStar at my local Stop and Shop and who was quite intrigued by my ease with utilizing the machine to make my change turn into a receipt which consequently became dollar bills and such, after a cashier had taken it and made it be money.

So this dream has rather stayed with me for most of the day thus far, and I do wonder what it might mean. I am not one to be the best intepreter of my own said dreams, but it still does not change the fact that it was 58 degrees F today which was rather quite nice because a girl can only ask for nice days now and then, and it is just the way life goes when that request is met, such as today in the great state of New York, US of A, even though I do not speak of said country's military actions.


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Day 39: Are you sad? Because I haven't really left you guys, best friend bloggers!

Well, it seems that a girl like I has not posted anything new for five (5) days and it also appears that only Gabe and Johnnie Walker/3leggedlizard/Dreamwalker have commented on anything, and what they did appears to be about wild children which were quite nice comments and I welcome Gabe or Gabo to this wonderful world of the blogging industry. But it all leads me to believe that perhaps my tale of my new earth friend has left some of my blogger friends feeling a bit sad, perhaps a bit green, but I would not like to presume, and perhaps just a bit feeling worried that since I have found this new earth friend, perhaps I won't value my blogger friends as much, but I am here to tell you that is not the case at all, and that I still consider you all my best friends in the blog world which is the world that I have found to be quite supportive.

So I will be quite delicate in what I'm going to share today so as not to hurt the feelings of my best friend bloggers, who are just so sweet to say they will try my tonic water with sixteen (16) oranges squeezed in it like Rob the Webkahunah, and how you all just gave me encouragement that my party got unattended due to the "Nor'Easter," or whatever storm it was way back then five (5) or six (6) or maybe even ten (10) days ago.

So what I wanted to share with you was this: I have figured out that my new best friend earth friend has a name that is quite hard to pronounce or write out, so she has allowed me to call her Kimberly, which is quite unusual as Kimberlys tend to have red hair and freckles and my Kimberly has black hair and brown eyes, but such is life when it really just suprises you at all angles. Well, I have taken Kimberly to my residence to watch a movie that the dvd case called "Fargo" and we played a game that is called "Phase Ten," but Kimberly did not seem to do very many wise moves with her cards, so we took to just throwing the cards around the room and some even at the tv, and my bird tried to join in by sitting atop a card and nibbling at the sides and making a noise that can only be interpreted as, "That is quite nice that you have found a true earth friend, Orchard!" And it really is just the best when even your bird cockatiel supports you in your decisions that you have decided upon.

So we have done that activity as I named above, and we have also hopped along the white and yellow lines in the road, as well as trying to balance on garbage cans, and even visiting a factory that made colored crayons in a city that is not too far away from where I live, and other such activities as young people these days always find themselves partaking in. I have found that Kimberly likes to say rather the same things over and over and those things are either, "Yes, please, thank you" or "quite nice" or "oh, yes, yes, that is good" and so on and so forth. I do not mind this in general, but I am now getting the feeling that she really is not quite listening to me, and when a girl such as I has so many important things to share and tell the world, it can become a bit frustrating when that girl's best earth friend simply nods her head that does not have red hair on it, and affirms whatever that girl is saying, such as I.

And so I have tried to teach Kimberly to say other fun things, as Dreamwalker has even suggested, but it doesn't seem to take, as when I teach her these fun things to say, she still tends to nod her head a lot and smile and say things like, "Oh, yes, that is good" but I already know it is good and that is why I'm telling her. But it seems she'd rather just say it is good than say the thing which is good that is a quite fun thing to say.

But I am not giving up because she is the only earth friend that has the ability to spend time with me, and in a world that is just so
topsy turvy as ours, it is not such a bad thing, even if that someone does not seem to hold much converstaion. But most of my other earth friends do not have phone numbers they feel like giving out, or do not like to say things in a quiet tone to me when I knock on their doors of their houses with my friendly greetings of friendship and joy. And Kimberly certainly always has something nice to say, such as Thank you, and Yes, but I just didn't want you all to feel bad or think I have abandonned you, and even if my adventures are not the same, I still miss you all and hope that we can watch a movie together and discuss, as tends to be what a few bloggers discussed back on another day, because if a girl can't make her best friend bloggers feel better and want to make comments and be at ease with her again, then how is that girl a best friend blogger afterall?

Love always and forever,
to my best friend bloggers who need not feel threatened that I have found an earth friend who shares my love of making toothpaste and styrofoam surfboards,

Orchard P. Dirk