Thursday, September 14, 2006

well, it is now Google's time to shine along with a very greedy mouse

Well, some of you may or may not have noticed my adorable little ad that I have allowed Google Adsense to put forth on my blog site. Well, it took a lot of consideration on my part to procure such an advancement in life and bloggos, but it seemed Google just really wanted my service and when a girl like I can make the colors pink and hope for cute halloween pictures, how can she let a thing like Google done? Even though I really just want to type "good" every time I start to type "google." But that just goes to show you that even our fingers have developed a routine in life, and it is hard to deviate them from that norm of regular sameness.

So I do hope you'll admire my blog ad as much as I do, even though I really wanted the cutest little ads to the right of my blog that had pictures on them and all in a line, but apparently, that would squash my actual writing part of my blog which is not for blogs. I simply cannot wait until it starts putting up ads that reflect the content of my blog, because there really are so many interesting things that I can say in my blog that might have cute ads!

Like this content:

A mouse has come to live in my place of residence with me and Igor the Blog. Well, I have not exactly seen this said mouse, but I have seen that he has shredded through a plastic bag then a wrapper which housed reeces peanut butter cups and milkyway bars because, after all, Halloween is coming up. Well, he shredded through, all right, and then touch some bites and scrapes out of the candy and then left nothing but a few poops that are rather like round chocolate sprinkes. Now, I am not one to be a particular kind of girl, but I certainly cannot give all my adorable little trick-or-treaters candy that a mouse has rejected, or accepted.

So now I shall have to throw these out and somehow find a way to deal with a creature, called a mouse. And for now, I shall call the mouse:


And the name of Bork shall be what I refer to as "the mouse which resides in my place of residence and eats reeces peanut butter cups", when I really just didn't know that, after all, Bork has a sweet-tooth.

love forever,
and when the forever has ended, then forever more,
and when the forever more has ended,
well, then another more and more and more
until all the love of me has been given out and nothing remains but Bork.