Saturday, January 13, 2007

Well, do we have a fair system of selecting jurors or not?

Well, my blog friend, Dreamwalker who lives in New Zealand, posted a bit ago how she had to attend a possible session of maybe using her as a juror for a trial that is part of the country and it got me to thinking. Well, I do not know if she were chosen, but it is good that they are hoping for a smart young educated woman with a conscience, because often in the US of A, they choose many people who do not care, but rather, just want to leave, or rather, are stubborn and hold up the process. and say things like, "Two million dollars. That's it. Two million dollars" when it doesn't even make sense.

Or even rather do not speak English, but might speak Spanish or Chinese only, and yet they are jurors in NYC and they cannot understand anything the people are saying and they are not given translators. And it rather makes for a silly sort of process if the person must judge based on appearances only, and this assumes the non-english speaking person can see, but there are people who are blind also on the jury, so if one were blind and could not speak English, well, then one could only go on smell and tone of voice, I suppose, and that seems a bit limiting to decide a person's fate based on smell and such.

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Blogger Dreamwalker said...

Two million dollars has a nice ring to it, one wishes the words would become the actual thing :)

It is crazy that someone who can't speak the language would be on a jury. Hmmm, a judgement based on smell, tone and heard facts. I think I'd rather have a blind person who can speak the language than a 'linguistically challenged' person on my jury :)

3:16 PM  
Anonymous yvonne said...

hi orch,
i think this might be something up your alley...
you've been tagged.
read my blog for the info.
:) see you soon

10:05 PM  
Blogger Silver said...

Hello Orchard, I stumbled upon your blog, googling "sad clown". You have many....interesting posts. I look forward to seeing what new things you have to say.


12:08 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Its been over a year. I hope you are well.

Take Care

1:21 PM  

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