Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Would you believe I still am not numbering my days?

Well, I don't know how to break this to you, but I have still been sleeping all the time now! One might say that this is characteristic of a sign of something that the doctors in the US of A call "depression," but I feel just as tidy as a bee in a hive. So a girl like I doesn't even think she is depressed, but rather thinks she is just so tidy and happy as a mouse. But a girl like I just cannot help sleeping for almost all the time right now.

The benefit to this is that I have had quite a few dreams that perhaps I shall put together in a tidy little book and use a tidy little mousepad even from a laptop in order to help structure the format and look and design of such a tidy little book of dreams. But I only need to find a title that is as catchy as a dream catcher, but that people will like to read and be enticed by, even though I have to admit that life is just as they say it is whether it is 80 degrees Farenheit or 12 degrees Farenheit.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Now another day and night

As an old man who used to throw a newspaper at my house growing up used to say, "Doncha know it?" And I was thinking about his words today when I realized ANOTHER day has gone by and I've pretty much just been sleeping and eating and doing other necessities of life since my trip to MichGan just wore me out, and I haven't had as much time to blog as I was thinking in my noggin' of brain-thoughts.

So I shall just have to say that I have written about 10 blog posts in my head, but now my fingers just have to decide to take the energy to put those brain-thoughts of blogs into the keyboard of letters on the laptop of the computer I tend to use whilst writing posts for my best friend bloggers.

And I also just wonder what is that little noise birds make when they are sounding like they're eating or clucking something but they are not eating, which tends to happen after they are washing themselves like a cat to clean themselves?


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Day after I have returned from my adventures in the state that I like to call MichGan

Well, it just so happens to be the situation that a girl like I has slept through almost an entire day and now is ready to go to bed again! This might be a result of the changes that have occurred in my life since I departed for the wedding I was hoping to find a mate at or an elderly woman who might support me in my expeditions. But apparently the body that I own has decided that it is high time it gets to sleep, and rest up as it has been under a lot of stress and non-sleep in that state that is fun to call "MichGan" and leave out the syllable that is the soft or short "ih" sound, which I have always found rather offensive anyway.

So I shall just tell you quickly that I had a dream that I was a duck that had feet that were made of steel and the steel feet were quite heavy to carry around with me, and then one fell off and I was sad that I had only one foot, but I was also relieved to not have that weight on my left leg. And then I saw a baby duck and it winked at me and it had a bright red pupil in its eye, which was rather disturbing, but also quite adorable at the same time, as is always the case with baby creatures of the water. Then I was on an aeroplane that was making little circles in the clouds, then I became the pilot of the aeroplane and then I was just at a zoo, smiling and feeding ducks in a pond, and I didn't at all think I was a duck then.

So that was my day, and unfortunately, I will have to nod off again and obey the body that I am in, and come back to you soon when my body has decided it is ready to stop resting and dreaming, and then i will fill you in, but boy it will be something else!

Love always and forever,

Orchard P. Dirk

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Back from the michigan trip to make friends at the wedding, and now time to take what I like to call a "shower to cool me off in this hot weather"

Well, I have returned from Michigan and my weekend wedding trip turned into so much more, as it combined my love of water animals and my passion for making new friends and also little tiny paperweights made from such hot and clever items as: stones, sticks, pieces of glass, shells weighed down with cement, etc.

I just wanted to say hi, and now I will unwind and take a shower as it has been a long couple of weeks and settle in to the 90 degree Farenheit weather, which is just what we have tended to be having in the world over here now in New York state tonight. And I will update you soon, but I hope things are well in your blogworlds, and in your real-life worlds too, which is quite a world to be living in, even though I have a blister on my right foot from all the walking around I did in that state that is called:


And the blog world certainly does not give me blisters on my feet, but my wrists do tend to ache from time to time working on a lap top in a weird position, but as they always say, "That is your choice, Orchard," and it is and I choose it.

Love, orch

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Day 130: Well, Finally I have a POA that will make me have a husband and maybe a new grandmother who gives me $50 for graduation

Well, a life just seems so much more bearable and interesting when said life's owner has a "POA" or "Plan Of Action" in said owner's life on how to live it. And this Orchard has just about had enough of sitting alone every night not being able to consistently use her computer and not watching tv because of the bad cable service, and not having friends, and this Orchard now has a POA that will change her life!

And so my POA is simply this: I will attend a wedding and find someone who wishes to marry me. I have decided on this course of action because it seems the story goes that when someone is looking for a good time in life, if that someone attends a wedding she or he is not invited to, it is just a riot and people always find funny things to happen, and meet people, and get free food and laughs, and often people at the wedding even think that the person not invited is an old relative or other such nonsense, and said non-invitee might even get some money for her graduation if the elderly people think she is a relative who just graduated.

Well, I am hoping it will work out just like this, and so I have checked out the internet sites for weddings and it tends to be the case that there is a wedding going on in Michigan this weekend where the bride is just so cute and fun looking, and she likes hand-made pottery and even registered something called a "bridal registry" at Macy's and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Which is rather nice to let people know the kinds of gifts that one might like to receive. But I decided to go to Pier 1 and purchase just a beautiful salad bowl and servingware to go with it, because the bride also mentioned that she likes wooden utensils, and why not a
wooden salad bowl to go with?

And I will wrap it up in glossy magazines with pictures of diamonds and articles about "
is he really your mate for life?" and make little glitters on it, as I do like glitters, and I will even sing to the bowl tonight to get it in shape for the long 12 hour drive to Michigan tomorrow. And I am pleased that the group rate that the bride reserved at the hotel is still in effect so close to the wedding, and I really just am so grateful that the bride was kind enough to post this information to the public domain.

So tomorrow begins my journey of my trip and I am just so excited to finally meet that special someone and to feel connected and loved again at a wedding, but I am only nervous the bride will not like the color of my salad bowl gift.