Thursday, January 26, 2006

The year of the 2006 and the first man that has caught my eye in this year that might be no better than the lean cuisine which is quick

Well, it has come to pass to become the year of 2006, in which adventures are a plenty. For instance, a simple trip to the grocery store turned out to be rather something else that was not quite an adventure, but more of a realization and one that is set to be more of a standard or resolution for myself.

I was standing in the aisle of the "frozen food" section which includes such delights as the Lean Cuisine of Turkey and Mashed Potatoes, and I came to realize my nose became quite cold as I opened up the door and stared on in. There was a man standing near me who was loading up the frozen foods into the shelves, and he appeared to be one of the men who's job it was to load frozen foods to the shelves. And so I felt he would understand more than any other person I could imagine of in the whole universe, including bloggers. So I said in my innocent voice of love, "Have you noticed how my nose gets cold when I open the door and peer my head on inside?"

Well, he said he had not noticed and why the h*ll would he, and then he said that sometimes it is warmer if one closes the door and looks and then decides, then opens the door. But I pointed out that once I had opened the door, as I always did to grab some atrocity or other, that when I closed it back up, it would get all steamed up, and then I simply could not see inside anymore, so then I would have to open it. He found that quite a cycle, and I said that he was observant, but that life is really rather like that from time to time. And it happens to be the case that sometimes when one opens the door to grab something in haste, it just makes it that much harder to grab other things with thought, and even might make your nose cold.

I then decided to apply that theory to the man in the store, as I really am quite a scientist of life, and so I just took the bull by the horns, so the speak, and asked him if he would just go ahead and marry me, even though I knew it would make it harder to see others after that might happen. Well, he wore a crooked smile on his face, and before he could respond, I tended to start to see the future of how there were plenty o' men in the sea, but that the fog that surrounded my hasty man just went on and ruined everything else in life, and it really made me decide that even though this man wanted to marry me, a girl like I just really ought to not take the first meal she finds, and really ought to hold out for the one that makes her heart skip just a beat a little now and then like the man from the Shell Station.

And so that is why I have come to the place of being alone once again, and even though I have given up quite a fine specimin of a frozen food deliverer and stocker, I feel that it is what a girl like I just ought to do.

And I have to just admit that I am going to just go on ahead and post this blog like it is, even if that means not going back to put in the nice links to illustrate my point, but maybe I will change the color, because if a girl can't find a little color in life, what can she, when really 2006 is the year of many colors.

Love always,