Sunday, October 30, 2005

Well, it's just about time I just tell you what the deal is with this halloween

Well, it is the day of H a l l o w e e n, and a best friend blogger, Aswin, who is from a country that is India, but now has joined the US of A to work and reside for now, wondered what the situation was with this day of Halloween. And so I answered his question and now will allow others to also see the answer to the question in case it has been perplexing anyone else of this world. And so I shall tell you how the theory of Halloween came to be according to my sources of good knowledge:

Halloween was created for everyone to remember the saints that died before us, on All Saints Day. But then people started getting scared that the deceased saints would come back and haunt them like ghosts the night after All Saint's Day. So then they started wearing sheets over their heads to pretend they were ghosts in the hopes of making the deceased feel there was no need for them to bother anyone since there were already ghosts around.

Well, soon, it became the case that the saints were catching on to this trick and so the people then had to resort to dressing up like other things, such as
tigers and pickled eggs and such. When this, as well, had no effect on the possible deceased, they began leaving candy by the doorsteps to sweeten up the deceased's mouths.

Well, this worked so well that the deceased supposedly loved the candy, and when there was no candy (a "treat"), they would get upset and put toilet paper
on the house or treet (a "trick).

Somewhere after that, so the legend goes, things got mixed up and then the people in costumes started going to doorsteps to ask for candy and that really is how a lot of things wind up being changed from the original, when really the original might not have had merit in the first place anyhow.

So that is why, up until this very day, little children all the world over, those who still believe in the Tooth Fairy and such, dress upin their costumed finest in search of a treat.

love, orch

the value of the dollar of money cents in our system of cash for my Orchard's Journey

Apparently this is what my blog is worth in dollar cents of the system of money:

My blog is worth $3,387.24.
How much is your blog worth?

Friday, October 28, 2005

When life presents itself as Halloween, why not just be Paris Hilton bowling to find your new best friend mate who is a Hornet?

Well, I have always been taught in life to take advantage of how the world presents itself and make it just as helpful as possible. So I have noticed how in the US of A it is approaching the holiday which is called All Saints Day, or the day before is commonly referred to as "All Hallow's Eve" or "Halloween." Well, since I have been trying to locate my new best friend mate who is part of the Hornets Bowling League of Society and since life has presented this night of festivities, I have decided the only true way to find my new mate is to dress up as someone else in lieu of Halloween and then just do what I do best, and that really is just meeting people and finding best friends and mates, although it appears that none of mine in the past have "stuck," as they say, but they also say, "Well, there's always a first!"

And so now I really just wonder what my best friend bloggers who celebrate Halloween are wearing for their Hallow's Eve and I just need to figure out if I shall be a bowler for halloween or Paris Hilton.

Love always,

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Are groups just to keep others out and really, how do I fit into them all, esp when it's only Bowling group I want to observe so I can find my mate?

Well, it seems that there are a lot of civilizations in this world which really preach the message of being special and in a group and not liking others to intrude upon said group to the point of that group being rather unpleasant to newcomers who may desire to join that group or maybe not, but maybe just watch that group bowl or some other such activity. Well, I had always had my suspicions that this might be the case, because I even remember, when I was a just a girl-child, an incident occurred which started making me suspicious.

The girlhood incident was just that a group of scientist children, near where I resided as a youngster, were gathering together to try to kill a fly and bring it back to life by sprinkling it with salt. Well, you can only imagine that a girl like I, who really is just trying to get educated in all the ways of life, might be interested in such an experiment. Well, I arrived to the circle the children scientists were huddled in and I started with a warm-up joke, as I was always told, "If you are joining a new group of people, you have 10 seconds to make them laugh, so use that 10 seconds wisely and make them laugh until they can laugh no more--and then you will always be in that group."

So I arrived and told my warm-up joke of, "Hey, if you think salt brings flies to life, let's kill Ricky and see if pepper brings him back to life." I laughed of course, so as to open the lines of communication, but it appeared my joke hit a sour note with them, especially Ricky, and they tossed a handful of salt at me and said, "Get away, Orchard!"

And so from then on, I have wondered if this would prove to be the case of life in groups.

And so it has come to pass that I have been trying to attend a session of the Hornets Bowling League, but the members of this civilization have been making a point to keep me out of their secretive meetings. I am not sure if this is because they are trying to prevent me from joining their group because they are like the children scientists, or if it is because they are worried that the man who caught my eye will end up leaving the League of Hornet Bowlers to become my mate and best friend. I do know how people can be protective and possessive of said party members, but really I have no intentions of asking him to leave the league in any case unless something occurs which changes my mind.

And so I really just need to figure out a way to penetrate the system and find myself in the bowling alley and see how things run from there, but what news! as it was snowing yesterday in some parts of new york state, but not where I live.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

When I met the Hornet at the alley of bowling who might just turn into my mate for life who may be my best friend too

Well, one has said that if in one's life one is given sour grapes, to turn those grapes into lemonaide or Crystal-Lite or other such sweet beverages of choice, so as to have the tastiest drink in the world and proximity, and that really is all a girl can hope for these days when she goes out to the alley of bowling, and so that is what happened to me when I went out to that alley, why, just the other day.

It appeared that when I arrived to make my balls shoot down the wooden lane, there was something that the bowlers refer to as a "league of their own" occuring at the same time. Well, this was the situation, and I was thrilled to be considered part of this group and allow the events to unfold which might point me to a lifetime best friend mate. So I settled into a nice plastic rounded seat and grabbed a ball that was in a circular mechanical device attached by underground methods to the wooden lane. Well, a man came over to me, but I had already decided he was too grizzled to be my mate, yet I still appreciated his sense of urgency as he hurried toward me.

He began a sentence like, "That's my--", but I knew all too well he was going to tell me that it was his dream come true to be on a league. "I know--me too!" I exclaimed back, because it really can just waste too much time for a
grizzled man to tell you something that you already know he's going to say in your head. So I said this, then gave the ball a nice spit and rubbed my sleeve on it so as to create a glimmer and shine. Well, this man, whose shirt said RUSTY on it seemed to quickly receive the polished ball from my hands and had a bit of a huff about his nature. But really, I harken back to the years when a carnival man told me, "Some people just do not want to share their dreams, and if you say you have the same dream, they will just try to grab that from you. Beware of such people--beware!"

Well, I am not one to question the words of a carnival man, especially when they present themselves too clearly to me in such a manner that really just makes sense. So I let RUSTY take the ball, because I knew to beware. And this is when things started to turn a bit grape sour, as apparently, the shirt I was wearing made them think that I was really not welcome into their league of their own. And so several people seemed to insinuate that it was
time for me to leave and other such words that really a girl like I can only hear so much of before she has to hear a friendly song in her head like "I think I'll Go for a Walk Outside" by the Brady Family.

And so as I was making my way with the Leaguers out to the front door, I spotted the eye of a man about my age who was holding his ball in his hands and half-laughing toward me. Well, this was a vibe I was not willing to lose sight of, so I ran with
great speed toward him, grabbed a pink ball and threw that ball way down his alley!

Well, this created quite a stir of excitement among RUSTY and his leaguers, as you can imagine, having witnessed this first sign of mate-possibilities. Well, my future mate just
widened his eyes, which really is a biological sign that one is interested in one's mate, as one strives to take in more and more visuals. And then he smiled and laughed again and this is when I really had to make my way out of the alley of bowling and just sort of remain out of doors.

It is the case that the man with the smile was not one that I was able to see as I waited for the rest of the evening for him to depart. But I do know that he is on Team Hornets and that is really just quite a team to be on, as they are awful mean when they get wet, my Grandfather used to say, and now the doors are wide open.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

about others the world over

Well, I just wanted to write one more post just to say that I am very sad for all of the trouble that has been happening in the world, and whilst I do not tend to write a lot about it, for it makes me quite sad, my heart is with those who have suffered all the world over, and I really just pray that good days will come amidst all the disaster of the world, and I hope those in need know that others, even across the world, feel this way for them.
Orchard P. Dirk

Bowling and best friend bloggers

Well, it is a Saturday and I have decided that if no one on Friendster wants to be my friend at the moment except the welcome bunny, then perhaps I shall go into the adventures of the real world, as that has tended to be the place where I have had adventures in the past.

So today, I will go to the alley of bowling and throw a few balls around and maybe Igor the Blog will even be better than I am, because they really do say that dogs can bowl like no one else in this world, and I must also give a very BIG THANKS to the best friend blogger Dreamwalker because she saw my frustration and consternation of the disguised blog-music-download-spammers and suggested a "word verification" feature which is really just the nicest thing has done for me today, and I have installed this and am so happy not to have the 'bots telling me to visit their sites of advertisements, so Dreamwalker, I thank you from my orchard-heart.

I will bowl a 4 for you all, my best friend bloggers! And when I meet my new mate that I have not seen yet at the bowling alley today I will tell him that I just have the best best friend bloggers.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Well, I do always try to be nice and friendly, as one can never really tell where one's new best friend might come from, but I have to say that I really am not happy with people putting penis enlargment items on my blog and other people who keep telling me to view their sites about google ad sens and hot dogs and other such material that is really just not clear why it is on my site. So I am feeling now that these bloggers are only using me and I am feeling a bit sad, and perhaps this is because I was up all night with my puppy, Igor the Blog, but perhaps it is because I am feeling these people are cluttering me up and really just not my true best friend bloggers. And this Orchard just really doesn't know what to do.

Monday, October 10, 2005

True Friends or foes?

Well, I am making my Friendster rounds, but so far, it does appear no one on the friendster loop has decided to email the girl that I am about becoming my mate or best friend friendster. But I really just need to take a moment out of my blog life history to ask my bloggers a question that I hope they shall understand and take with the amount of sensitivity that I hope to invest in said question.

And that question is this:

It appears to have come to light that some bloggers are posting a sweet comment on my site about how my site is great, and then they say such things as, "check out my german food site" or "My site is in a bit different area, but just as useful. I have a mens male enhancement reviews related site focusing on mens male enhancement reviews and mens health related topics." It also is a fact that when I click on the site they refer me to, it seems to be some sort of advertisement, and when I click on the name of my special new person that I am hoping is a real blogger friend, it is just a blank profile or one that says nothing at all.

And it really makes me think that I might be a blog-victim of disguised blog-spammers. Because really I am always up for supporting my blogger friends' sites, but when it is an adverstiment for downloading music or male enhancement, I just tend to wonder what kind of friend they really are.

And if you are one of these blogger friends who leaves me advertisement links, and you really are a true friend to me, then please just let me know and don't be insulted by my questioning. It just happenstances that you write in a different generic way than the rest of my best friend bloggers do, and that really is my question of the day, except one more that is, "Does this ever happen to anyone else, and if it does, what do you do about it? Embrace it? Delete it? Have a nice time? Feel sad inside?" What?


Monday, October 03, 2005

Day 5: well, myspace was not so inviting, but friendster is like blogster, even though it is blogger without the "ST" but it should be "Blogster"

Well, I'm just about pooped because I have been trying to set up an account on"line" that will help me find a mate, and I was told by a blogger that if I am not Jewish, then Jdate is not for me, so I suppose that I have been pushed away from that option as I do not have the ability to become Jewish for Jdate when I am not really up for converting my religion, but that is just the way that things tend to occur, and really there are probably reasons beyond my control.

But before I went to get some "shut eye" and allow the sandman to do his little tricks of sleep potion ability with the tooth fairy friend, even though P. Diddy's Making of the Band Girls Part 2 is now coming up again with new gals to rival the old, I wanted to tell you that I have started my new adventure and signed up on what is called, "" which apparently one can join from any country in the whole wide world. I thought that might offer refreshments or other services including mate-finding, but apparently they think that I am under the age of 14 for some reason, even though I told them I was not, so they immediately terminated the little account I was just starting.

I was quite hurt at this moment, as I really just felt like they were not even giving me a chance to explain that this was not the case, and that really, I just didn't choose a year the first time, and then I tried to, but it was just not up for making them give me a second chance. And it just goes to show that sometimes you are not offered that second chance and you really just need to switch to another avenue of life like Friendster, who did not doubt that I was over the age of 14, when really they require you to be over the age of 18.

And so this Orchard P Dirk is so tired she can't even change the colors on this post of the date of today, but at least she was able to get the message out that she has started a friendster thing of which she is hoping to find her long lost love or a new mate that is her new best friend, because really, either will do just fine and that's all one can expect from life these days.

love, orch