Saturday, January 13, 2007

Well, do we have a fair system of selecting jurors or not?

Well, my blog friend, Dreamwalker who lives in New Zealand, posted a bit ago how she had to attend a possible session of maybe using her as a juror for a trial that is part of the country and it got me to thinking. Well, I do not know if she were chosen, but it is good that they are hoping for a smart young educated woman with a conscience, because often in the US of A, they choose many people who do not care, but rather, just want to leave, or rather, are stubborn and hold up the process. and say things like, "Two million dollars. That's it. Two million dollars" when it doesn't even make sense.

Or even rather do not speak English, but might speak Spanish or Chinese only, and yet they are jurors in NYC and they cannot understand anything the people are saying and they are not given translators. And it rather makes for a silly sort of process if the person must judge based on appearances only, and this assumes the non-english speaking person can see, but there are people who are blind also on the jury, so if one were blind and could not speak English, well, then one could only go on smell and tone of voice, I suppose, and that seems a bit limiting to decide a person's fate based on smell and such.

Love always,

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well, so it seems this is today.

I have to admit, that it has been since the time when we were in summer that last I blogged and it seems there is such a thing as "old blogger" and "new blogger" now. Of course, this does not mean one blogger is hip and one is out of date, but rather, rests on the notion that one version of the software known as blogger or what appears as blogspot, but actually, I'm just looking above and its seems it does not appear as blogspot, but rather blogger now, is an old version and one is a new one which has to do with google, but really both are run by google anyway.

But really, my point is to share with you a mystery that is unfolding in front of my very eyes. It seems just the other day when it was December 25, 2006, it was Christmas Day. I prayed and read of Jesus's birth in the book of Luke, and then I heard a 'tap tappety tap' on the window of the place where I reside. Well, I put the Bible down and flew right to the window and tore it open with a whoosh. And what did I see with my wondering eyes? Well, a little myster left for me in a brown paper bag.

Well, the bag contained a small "gift" of sorts that resembled a bar of ivory soap but was not quite that. Well, I thanked the open air because I figured the giver must not be far off, and it is always a nice thing to receive soap because really, where would we be without it?

I thought nothing of it, as Christmas is a time of mysteries and love and giving. But then today, as I was making a new masterpiece out of 2 pieces of paper, a straw, some glue and some of my dear Igor the Blog's fur, I heard another 'tap tappety tap tap' and then also 'tap tap.' Well, as you might expect, I tore to my window and through it up in a flash and there below was another brown bag.

I ran to it and opened it and saw inside a little tiny elephant figurine that was made out of seashells. My eye started to tear up as I recalled my ocean plan from my past which has made me who I am today. And I thought to myself, "This is quite unusual to receive a gift on a day such as this." But after I snooped around and could not find a soul, I went back to my residence and noticed Igor the Blog was licking my brand new calendar of "Puppies of the 19th Century." Well, he always has had a smart streak to him, and sure enough, I noticed he was licking today the most. And it made mention of the fact that it is such a time as Orthodox Christmas or King's Day or other such date so as to imply another day of giving and love is upon us.

And while I still do not know the giver, I am going to make it my mission to find out this solitary individual and thank him with a chocolate chip cookie cake with melted chocolate chips on top, unless he or she is diebetic or really just sensitive to a lot of sugar, because it sure is sweet.

love always and forever and forever and a day,
your Orchy