Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Day 122: How fame made me rethink things and that's just something I need to do now and then even though I'm tired and hope this blog entry will be ok

Well, when push comes to shove, it really is only those who make themselves known who stand out, but fame always comes with a price, and this is what I have been learning about for a little bit of time now that has existed in my life.

For a few weeks, I had begun to become quite renowned for my expertise on the ways of the Creatures of the Sea, and how the planet we call EARTH can change due to those creatures, and how we humanoids oftentimes need to take heed to the warnings of the creatures of the sea. I had developed what became to be known as a "riot" that would collect around me every morning, noon, and night, as I would stand by a local pizza place that had a fish tank in its window, and I would tell the tales that I ought to be telling to those who would listen with wide ears. Well, I suppose I did become rather comfortable in my new life and my new recognition, answering such questions as, "What are you talking about?" and "Why are you here?" And other such cute phrases that allowed me ample time to explain my purpose.

So you can imagine that it quite surprised me when just last night my adventures came to a halt. I was at my normal post and the manager of the store with the fish tank and sweeping by me and even sweeped on my feet and said a few choice phrases that he always says when he sees me there, but I just smile and tell him something along the lines of its being a "free country" that we live in here in the US of A, and that the creatures of the sea will band together and make him not so happy if he tries to say his choice phrases with more vehemence to me again.

And so as this was happening last night, and my "riot" was beginning to form and people were beginning to throw small presents at me in a sign that they were supporting my work, and I heard their normal laughs and other such kindnesses, and then suddenly a man who is called an "officer of the law" came to me. Well, he seemed to have a lot of information about these laws and told me some things about complaints, and permits, and definitions of riots and crowd control, and all the kinds of things a girl like I just simply cannot keep in her head when she has important issues of the world to think about such as the messages of the creatures of the sea. And so I told him this, and he seemed to think I was trying to make a joke which he did not appreciate, and then one thing led to another and it came to pass that I ended up having to pay a small sum of monetary value so that I would be released to the world at large.

So it has come to my attention that this persecution because of my fame is unjust and unfair, but then I think of all the horrible websites devoted to unflattering pictures of famous movie stars and singers which I won't even give a link to because it would only encourage such persecution of the famous, and I know that is just part of the world that I became a part of.

But I have now left that world, and am back grounded to my normal residence, place of being, and stature. And while fame had its perks, such as the food my fans and followers would toss at me daily, I suppose it had started to block my clearer vision of purpose.

So i have decided to take heed to the real messages of the creatures of the sea and just stop trying to convince everyone of the utter importance. Because a creature of the sea is really more about swimming along and just trying not to be eaten, and hiding in the plants, and sometimes attacking others and eating them, but mostly for food, and since I have food in the grocery store, I do not need to learn from that part of the lesson.

And so my life now has lost its focus, and so I must figure out what my next step will be. And perhaps it really is most important to focus on finding a new best friend, since Kimmy has done the thing she had to do in another country that is not the one I live in. And really, when I get to thinking about this whole thing, the Creatures of the Sea project only allowed me to meet crazy fans, and that's not actually the kind of stable friend you want, so maybe it wasn't such a great idea in the first place, even when I have to just tell you that it's been back in the 50 degrees Farenheit again today which feels rather like April, not May.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Can you believe I learned another lesson even after day 100 of my journey? Well, it is the case and it is very much so.

Well, first off, I must warn you that I have no pretty links in this blog, but I'm sure you will understand when you read what I am about to write.

Well, a girl like I has reached over 100 days of trying to find earth friends, and one might think that in those 100 days a girl like I has learned all there is to learn about life and such. Well, if you are that one who thought that, I would have to say in this case, that that one is wrong, for it just has happened that I have been learning a lesson in a very hard way for these past many days that have stretched into weeks that contain 7 days in each of them.

It has come to be the situation that I have been having what are known to be called as "problems" regarding my connection to the high speed world of internet and bloggerdom. Apparently, the modem or cable, or whatever it was that was causing such a great nice wireless connection to my laptop on which I write to my best friend bloggers when I have such things to tell them, has decided to have a "problem" which has prevented it from absorbing signals to allow my laptop to receive the internet on it. My phone has also not been receiving the American "dial tone" as it is related to the modem or cable, but this has posed less of an issue, as even when the dial tone was working, I did not receive more than 1 call every few weeks, and most of the time it was not meant for me, but I really just even wished for a friendly call from a service or newspaper, but being that my number is unlisted due to something out of my control, I do not even have these fun calls of joy and triumph.

So I finally used a cellular telephone to connect to my provider and it seems to be a problem with a splitter or wire or other such nonsence, as I informed him. And so the man on the phone helped me follow the wire and rehook up the modem thing to another source which is working now which is why I can tell you this message, but it is not as convenient, and I fear it will cut off at any time, which is why I do not have time to put in such links as to illustrate the points which I am making. And so I have learned the following lessons e're the long long lonely days:

1) If one has a problem with something that is making one sad and keeping one from communicating with one's best friend bloggers, one ought not to wait for weeks before finding a cellular telephone to contact a company to make the problem turn into a solution--because it is really just a waste of perfectly good time.

2) When one relies on something that is out of one's own control such as a company that calls itself Cablevision who really just was not happy that the west side property in New York was sold to someone else, but really Cablevision should be happy it even owns Madison Square Garden, if it does, then one is necessarily putting oneself at the risk of being abandonned, and one should always have a backup plan, which said orchard did not have until she called the company to help only tonight.

3) Despite one's loneliness and lack of blogging, one is always happy to return and see that one's best friend bloggers are still there for one, and one even gained a new blog-friend called WashingtonNational, which does not have a link.

And these are the lessons of my life lately. This is all I am able to communicate tonight, but I will try to make the colors pretty, as that takes only a moment. And I will have to tell you about how I have become a renowned Creatures of the Sea expert in another blog, as this blogger has had all the internet excitement she can handle for one blogging night.

love always and sincerely,
Orchard P Dirk

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Day 100: Bringing the dead fish Creatures of the Sea project to the school to teach the lessons of the world

Well, it just happens to be the case that when a girl has an important thing to share with the world, that world will just try rather quite hard to keep that thing from being said, but that should only push said girl to try even harder to share her news to every man, woman and child in the earth world.

Such was my experience when I made my first steps to tell the world about my Creatures of the Sea project. Since the dead fish I had collected from the Long Island Sound were beginning to create quite a stir of odor and such in my residence, I decided it was the best signal of all to start educating the world about all the lessons Creatures of the Sea have to give us if we will only open our ears like gills and breathe to listen.

And so I figured the best place to start such an education would be at a place that encourages education, which is called a "school" in the U S of A, and so I went to such an institute that was named after a street that was named after the town, which also was also named after a prominent figure in the history of the country in which I, by coincidence, happened to be born into. And so I had mounted my dead fish in the cutest of pyramids and covered them in Elmer's glue so as to ensure that they would not be falling all over the place, and put a few pink bows and ribbons around them, and threw some streamers on the sides, just for that festive color. And I put my pyramid on a cart and I wheeled my project to the school doors.

Well, this is where I encountered a slight obstacle, as it came to pass that the school doors were locked, and there was a contraption-like buzzer that I had to touch and state my purpose of intent, which I said to be, "Sharing my Creatures of the Sea project with all the world." Well, the person who had control over letting me in or not hesitated, and had me say a few more sentences that are just not so interesting as to post here, but eventually, a child who was a student opened the door for me, and I just stopped talking to the buzzer lady.

The child then led me to his classroom, and even placed his wooden "Lav Pass" onto my cart with the project, and it really just reminded me of how open the youth are to hearing of lessons that will change the world, which is really just what we are all doing anyway. So we came into the classroom and the children all seemed to rather make unusual faces at the sight of my project and the teacher seemed to get to have a sqwaking-like voice that sounded a bit like my cockatiel, and so I knew they were ready to hear my words.

Well, I went on to tell them about my experience in Florida and how the shark taught me a lesson and how each dead fish represented a lesson, and I was just about to tell them all the secrets that each dead fish had to share about life that would make them all live just the nicest lives in the world, when a person who was of the male species came in and just had some words and had a face that was not such a jovial one, and before I knew it, I was standing outside of the school. There was talk of a police officer, which I really just encouraged as he could spread the word of my project quickly, but he never did come, and so I was left with only part of my project, as some of it had been destroyed in the mad-cap rumble and tumble that ensued.

And so that was my experience today. So because my project has been partially destroyed anyway, I have decided to wrap the rest of it up in sheets of aluminum foil and place that foiled fish in a hole under the ground until I can figure out my next move. Because really, my residence was not like it used to be since the dead fish came to reside there, and while I do love the lessons of the fish, I did not so much like the presence of the fish in every smell of the residence. But they will keep well in the ground and I am excited to see if they will grow into anything else.

But really when I come to think about it, I wonder if the fish didn't just teach me a lesson right today, amidst all the chaos and disappointment of the school teaching. Because I still feel rather pleased to have made a difference, slight as it was, in the lives of the children who heard a bit about the Creatures of the Sea, and I know that even a man named Galileo and such had difficult times getting the world to hear the news, so I have become just all that much stronger, and I really just have the fish to thank for that, but also it is nice to have a television now and then.