Saturday, February 26, 2005

Day 34: Wild children who don't want to leave the care of their animal-parents and how does that affect my search for friends?

Well, as I woke up this morning and looked out at the snow on the ground that is all over the land of the town in which I live, and I remembered how Aswin and Rolandog and Dreamwalker and Alejo and Rob the Webkahunah and Javafoofoo and probably even more all seem to live in areas that do not receive that much of "the white stuff", as I tend to receive, which is rather quite an odd little fact, and then suddenly the snow reminded me of a baby polar bear, because it was a similar color to that of a polar bear, even though they say that a polar bear's skin or their hair at birth is black and later changes to that effect.

And I got to thinking about a thought such as this: do animals have a more fun time living in this earth than people do, and if they do, how can we tell that? And I thought, maybe some animals are more friendly because they travel in packs and protect each other, like wolves or dolphins or elephants, but then again, they also tend to kill each other, as well, just like some of we humans tend to do from time to time.

Then I turned to the web for my answer and happened upon just a fascinating little thing about what is known as "feral" children which are children that grow up in the love and care and feeding of animals, and the "how can we tell if they have a better time than humans" question was quite seeming to have found its answer. For as I looked at this site, I came to draw the conclusion that it appears the human children like living with the animals, and when human people steal the children from living with animals, the children either end up in a home for people who are not well, or they try to escape and also I noticed how they all liked to eat meat raw with their hands, but perhaps not smile quite so much.

And so maybe animals are quite the treat to have as friends after all, and perhaps I ought to take my bird a lot more seriously than I do, and maybe I shall draw him a picture of a feral child, and also give him some raw meat that he can eat with his wings if he wants to, as feral children tend to do, and then maybe I'll even give my new best earth friend some raw meat and she would probably say "Oh, yes, thank you, that is good" because that is what she seems to like to say, even though it appeared to be a hoax that a child was raised by a pouched animal called a "kangaroo."



Thursday, February 24, 2005

Days 31, 32: How I met a real earth friend when putting up my gazelle party signs all over the yoga studio

Now I have lived on the earth a fair, but not too fair, number of years and one thing I have come to recognize as the truth of which it is, is this: if the earth stops you from having a party with your new best friends, it will throw you another little treat in the form of a new best friend just in the nick of time to encourage you on your route of finding earth friends, even though your blog friends are the most wonderful one could imagine in a blog friend. To illustrate this point, I will tell you the story of my day and that story is what I have written below.

So I decided to go back to the yoga studio today and deliver my new posters for my rescheduled party date, even though I have been hearing yet again about a snow storm which threatens the greater New York City area with 6-8 inches of "the white stuff", but Long Island and Northern New Jersey are expected to have more, and that is just the way those two areas are of which I am not a part. And I have learned in my travels around this earth that when Mother Nature decides to have a snow party, your own parties or even your own yoga studio visits may have to be subjegated to her whims of which she is allowed because she is Mother Nature and I am only a person here on earth who does not control weather, but does throw water around from time to time in the summer, and snow in the winter ,and leaves in the fall, and even dandelion heads in the spring, and that is something at least.

After I had hung all of the signs up all over the outside of the yoga studio while the staff were all on their lunch breaks, I at first felt a little sad that I could not get into the studio to post the signs, since they decided to lock the doors when they left, but then I thought that the little decorations of my party posters on the outside of the studio just looked rather so nice and festive, because I even taped birthday balloons to some of them, and drew pictures of lions chasing
gazelles on other ones, that it would lift the spirits of any people who were grumbly about another snow storm so soon after the last one, and that is really just wonderful when a girl such as I can lift anyone's spirits at all.

So as I was clapping my hands together so as to indicate to myself that I was finished accomplishing a great task of which I was satisfied, another girl about my age approached me and spoke in the language of English, but spoke in a manner that I have grown to characterize as "broken," and the thing that she said to me was this: "Know time yoga is?" Well, I certainly did know because there was a schedule posted outside that I had covered up with my party signs, but that I had memorized first, and I told her that there was a Vinyasa class at 1:30pm, and that it was at the intermediate level and of the vigorous nature, as the schedule had led me to believe.

She seemed to like what I had told her because she kept nodding and smiling and saying, "Oh yes, thank you, that is wonderful, oh, yes, quite nice" and other such phrases that implied to me that she was quite willing to become my friend. So I got very giddy inside, like I was going to be performing a solo in a school chorus concert, and then I remembered
Rolandog's words of how I was too eager and fast moving toward my new friends so as to scare them away from me, and so I did NOT ask her to come over to my house and make chocolate chip and banana pancakes with me as my best friend, even though that was what I wanted to do. But instead, I then spoke in a very very slow and quiet voice to her, and asked her to go have lunch with me before the Vinyasa Yoga class at 1:30, as there was just a darling little place quite nearby the studio.

Well, she just kept smiling and nodding and saying, "Oh yes, good, thank you" and so on, so I held onto her arm and led her to the darling little place and we had just the best time together as new best friends, even though she did not say much of anything but the words I've already expressed here that she said, and I really am thinking she did not learn much new English from me over our dinner, although I am sure she will soon learn all the important words as my new best friend, because after all, words are not so unimportant in a world such as one that has words on most things, and in the state of New York those
words tend to be in the language of English, of which my best earth friend only has the broken form of.



Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Days 29, 30: How the snow postponed my menu party for yoga friends

See it tends to be the situation that if you just hold on to your good nature even in the face of trials, you just might find out that what you thought was a bad thing was just a good thing in disguise that maybe even protected your best friends, and things just always work out rather quite nicely.

So wouldn't you know it, but it happened to be the case that none of my best new yoga friends turned up to my party on Sunday night. I was quite disappointed at first because it occured that I had created the following menu:

1) a bowl of melted cheese with lots of pretzels in it
2) Kool-Aid that was blue and tasted like a blueberry that is sour and sweet also
3) Jalapeno Poppers from a box that said TGIF on the outside that I put in the oven
4) Applesauce that I made from apples I received from a Fruit of the Month club I purchased as a Christmas gift to myself
5) Tuna fish on top of crackers with also paprika and parsley sprinkled on top
6) White chocolate candy that I had melted and shaped into little yoga mats
Hamburger Helper, "four cheese"
8) Asparagus with bacon wrapped around it and cooked a little bit in the oven
9) Tonic water with sixteen oranges squeezed into it

Well, so it appears that most of these food items were not able to be scarfed down by my friends because they were not there in my residence in order to
scarf them down and tell me how they wanted to go ice skating with me and be my best friend. I tried not to be sad, but to be strong and so I remained in decent spirits, and then around 10pm my time, I turned on the television set and noticed that there were many winter storm warnings for the NYC/CT/Westchester/Rockland etc. areas, and then I knew that my friends were only being cautious because the weather was so bad, and who can blame a best friend yoga partner if she or he just wants to be safe on the roadways and not slide around a lot?

So now I wish to reschedule my event, but since none of my best friends would give me their numbers, and none of them called me because they were probably too embarrassed to admit they were scared of the "Winter Storm Warning," I do not have a perfect way to get ahold of them, even though I was prepared to laugh and host, as Rolandog suggested. But as Rob the Webkahunah said, I should probably just go back there anyway and meet more friends, and it looks like I'll have to in order to find my old friends. So yesterday I spent most of the day holed up in my residence as we had gotten a bit of snow on top of us here in the eastern part of New York State, but I made good use of my time and made fliers for my new party which I will take to the yoga studio and distribute on a daily basis from now until this upcoming Sunday when I am planning my new party where I shall serve the preztels in the cheese soup again.

And it is not that adventurous of a blog "post" because it is more about what didn't happen, and those sorts of things can only compare to other things that didn't happen, of which I have no others to share right now, but I always love your support, and just really hope that none of my best earth yoga friends got in car accidents because of the bad roads driving to see me on Sunday night, so I really just hope they stayed put, and are ready to see me again, now that the sun is shining and the temperature is in the 40s which is in Farenheit which is what the US of A uses as a system of measurement for the temperature, but Celcius/Centagrade is just a great thing that we all use in the Scientific community no matter what.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Day 28: The bee craft, Yoga and my best friend Teacher who is just a doll

Well, I am just as excited as a little bumble bee that has made the queen happy by finding her the perfect honey stolen from the perfect flower that he has actually helped to procreate!

You see, I went to the yoga class yesterday, as I had told you that I was intending to do, in order to make new friends and maybe even teach the class if they told me how and this is how that experience that I had yesterday in that yoga class came to occur:

I arrived and I paid $21.20 including tax for one lesson in yoga called Kripalu which apparently means that it will be gentle and encouraging for all levels, and I have to say that that was not entirely not what it happened to be, so I wasn't disappointed. Well, I thought $21.20 including tax was more money that I had originally hoped to pay, but since you cannot put a price on friendship, I did not argue, but instead, paid it and went and took my shoes and socks off and placed them on the mat of my neighbor, so as to insinuate I would like to become her best friend. Well, this girl was not meant to be my friend, as sometimes happens and that is just the way of the world, because some folks such as she just don't appreciate a kind gesture even when she removes my socks and shoes and even when I place them back on her mat a few more times to show my love of friendship.

But I rented a mat and a few square purple objects they called blocks, and a few other things they called "props" so as to be proper, or so as to use them to help facilitate other actions of which yoga has been known to be a part of. So after the girl next to me rejected my friendship, I did not allow myself to be sad, but I remained hopeful as tends to be the case with me when I have my heart set on a goal, and I am so glad that I did, because things have turned out to be quite hopeful for me afterall!

I participated in the actions of yoga called poses or positions or postures or something to that effect, and I made careful to smile widely at everyone around me and I even moved my mat around to a few different spots so I could smile widely at others from different angles. Well, the instructor seemed to notice and asked if I needed something or was uncomfortable with the sunlight from my original spot, and I just smiled widely and I said, "Does a girl need a reason to find more friends?" Well, I should think all sensible people would know that a girl doesn't need a reason, and she seemed to have that good sense, so she let me continue in my practice of the yoga called Kripalu.

So after we had all rested on the floor with bags of tea on our eyes except those who felt uncomfortable putting tea bags on their eyes that other previous students had also done the same thing with, the class seemed to end because the teacher said a foreign secret yoga language word that sounded like, "Nah-Mah-Stay", and so I stood up very quickly and said in a very loud clear voice that I had an announcement, and then I proceeded the speech below which I had rehearsed several times earlier in the day:

"I would like to invite all of you, my new best yoga earth friends, over to the place where I reside on Sunday night, at 8pm, to have dinner and dancing and watch thearts and crafts, so everyone bring your favorite colored pom pom or pipe cleaner and you will learn how to make just the cutest little ant you have ever seen!"

And then I gave everyone a little flier that I had made up on my computer which had my address and phone number on it, and I made sure that even those who were too shy to take it from me, got it anyway, because when I went out to the bathroom in the middle of the class, I put one in everyone's bags or socks or other such items that I could put it into and that will be quite a treat for those shy people to find later.

After I was finished handing out the fliers, the instructor asked me a few questions, which was just so sweet of her, because she really is just a doll, and I told her that, then I told her I'd be thrilled to teach a few classes so I could make more earth friends, but she didn't seem to think I had understood any of the poses yet, and she also said they were not in the market for new teachers. But then I told her that I had heard from a lady who was by the tea urn before class that she WAS in the market for new teachers as one old teacher was leaving for Australia, and I told her that I just really hope she stops by to see Dreamwalker in New Zealand. Then the very cute doll instructor just smiled and put her arm around me, which was the sweetest thing I'd ever felt in a long while, and led me out of the room, and said that I had better get on home and she wished me good luck, which I also thought was just so sweet.

So I am really quite pleased with myself for taking the yoga class yesterday because it seems now that I will have all my new friends come over for dinner tonight and I will also get a job teaching Kripalu at the nice yoga studio where I met my best friend teacher who put her arm around me in a kind sisterly way. So that is why I am just so excited about my night tonight, and I think that I shall change the craft to be a bumblebee instead of an ant, because the bumblebee really does show forth the kind of energy and happiness I feel today, as I said before, and an ant just rather likes to walk on picnic food and go into the garbage which is something I'd rather not encourage now that I practice the fine martial art of Kripalu, Yoga, US of A.

Love always,


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Days 25, 26, 27: Adventure begins anew

Well, as always I should say that life is just one thing led after another one of those things, and these past few days have been no different from that! But I am going to try an experiment of becoming an integral part of a yoga class because it seems that is just as popular as Pilates and I aim to come home with more friends than I could ever have imagined and maybe even teach a class or two if they tell me how and I learn it!

I will report back this weekend on my lovely sunny new adventures because I do just feel a whole bit of light has opened up after I let my Shell Love Man move away without me, because I really do think now that he was holding me back and a girl needs to not let a guy such as he hold her back if she has a mission which is as important as the one I have is, and so that is why I wanted to let you know because you are all so very sweet and I just am thrilled we can talk about movies and American soccer together even if some people might call it football which is just as nice..


Orchard/Orchid :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Day 24: Time to leave my distractions behind and focus on finding earth friends again

Well, it seems to be the situation that life has a way of catching up with you, even if you're trying to catch up with it because you never really know what way it's going until it comes to you, which is just one of those funny things about life, like how it can look like a hurricane is coming when the sun breaks through the cloud after a rain, but really it is just light and color and not a hurricane after all.

And so I am always allowing myself to be an example of life so that I can learn from it just like I did yesterday, and today is no exception because it appears afterall that perhaps my long lost love is just exactly that: long, lost, and love.

See, today when I opened up the internet, I read a little bit from an "archived", but not more than 1 week ago, article about a man from NewYork state who had decided to move to a country called Australia,which I'm sure some of you have heard of, especially Dreamwalker who lives in New Zealand, which apparently is not too dissimilar from the area Australia is situated in. Well, I only had to read the article one time to know that it was my long lost love from the Shell Gas station and as this life caught up to me, I had to ask myself the question: Do I want to move to Australia to follow my long lost love, or do I want to remain in the state of New York, even though I do not live in the city of New York, which doesn't know who is going to bid the highest on the west side property that the Jets want, and for which the mayor wants a stadium so the Olympic committee will be wooed by his little city?

And I decided to eat an orange with peanut butter because the citrus and cream mixed together, I have found, often clear up a head that is fogged with pressing or philosophical questions as I tend to have about my living and other such things. Sure enough, this time was no different and suddenly I remembered all of my best blogger friends that I will name right now because they deserve that special attention because that is also what my blog is about and I do care for them: Alejo, Rolandog, RdTurpin, Aswin, Rob the Webkahunah, Anonymous, Franklin, Mike, Michael, Admiral Sprot, Brickwall, JennyJ, Samicus, SueShi, Jazin and Jinny, Hector, João Lacerda, Dreamwalker, Esteban, Javafoofoo, Lolichi... and it came to pass that I realized my journey was only halfway even begun! I am searching to find friends in this world, and I have found a few valuable friends in the blog world who even share valentine's day poems with me that were shared with other best girl friends, as well, but I have not been able to get together with my best earth friends yet because none of them seems to allow me to know their names or where they live or their phone numbers, except my neighbors who cannot quite keep their address hidden from me, but even they try now and again, which could be quite frustrating for a girl who does not have sustinence in the blogger world, which luckily I have.

So it would not be a good thing for a girl like me to give up all of this because she wants to go to Australia to find her long lost love, even when she can't afford it anyway, so it's like I always say, "When life catches up with you it will ground you, but when you have been pushed to that ground, you must smell the earth and be reminded of why you are there in the first place, and that has to do with the earth and finding earth friends, and you must not abandon said issue because life has put a distraction in the way to test you, such as falling in love with a Shell Man." And I am really never one to argue with a good saying, so that is what I've come to realize.

But I do wish my Shell Love Man the best even if he was just a test that Life gave me and not my permanent love, because he is now going to the country where they have animals that have pouches and jump into the air high as can be, but do not live in the circus because that is just not the place for an animal who teaches you to not let life throw you distractions from your real goals, even though its babies do stay inside the pouch and grab on, but at least they are not born as eggs.


Orchard P Dirk,

Finder of Earth Friends who has NOT given up

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Day 23: Digging a ditch by the road has taught me a valuable lesson about people's humanity as illustrated even by a little bird

Well, it seems that sometimes when you just want to help out and just do the best you can for someone or some thing like society or a road or people, it appears that they might not always want that help, which has come to pass to be my lesson for today.

So as you might have guessed due to my first sentence, my ditch-digging plan to save the town met some obstacles today. I was pleased that yesterday all was well with my endeavors, but today a woman, whom I recognize as one of the folks who was not interested in purchasing a cookie from my bake sale to raise money for a PI, came out of her house and implied that I should not be helping society like this. Well, I explained my case and she seemed a bit confused, so I explained it again a few more times, but louder this time, and she just got a more confused and angry look on her face and became a bit insistent on getting off what she claimed was her property, but I pointed out to her that it was probably government property on account of its being so close to the public road of which I was saving.

But after a few more words were exchanged I came to remember something someone told me once which was this: "Some people just don't like to be helped." And I knew at that point this woman was one of those people. So I just shook my head at her and maybe even had a tear because I was quite sorry for a woman like she, then I took my snow shovel and I went across the street to save someone else from the rain on the road because afterall, sometimes it's just not worth it to do a good deed if someone is going to really not want that good deed to be performed upon them or the road near them.

Well, the woman turned out to be quite a bad seed, as apparently her ideas spread to a few other folks who, in turn, decided that I shouldn't help their society, and what can a girl do if she is only trying to save a society by digging a ditch by the side of the road to prevent puddles in the road which are dangerous, but then she's ganged up on by society to stop doing her good work?

Well, my thoughts turned to others who have also been told not to help for their good deeds, like Abraham Lincoln, and the list of these people is just as long as can be, and while I don't think of myself as noble as those who have gone before me, it does make me feel comforted in that fact, which keeps me upbeat and not discouraged because it really just seems that I keep learning lessons in life and I can't be upset my ditch was halted when I learn such a lesson about humanity. Because really, even an injured bird will complain if you try to fix his broken wing, but it is still best for him to get it fixed because if you don't, it will be quite sore and not heal properly, and then how could that poor little bird fly away from captors and also fly to his loved ones with worms that he would mush up in his mouth and spit out for them to eat up very hungrily?



Monday, February 14, 2005

Days 21, 22: Applebees, my new 4 friends, and the change of my life

Well, it appears that the weekend was quite a climax of sorts, but it really was the case that I was quite sleeping a lot on the days of Saturday and Friday and this is just the mark when the body knows that it is going to have a climactic change such as I had, so as to store up enough energy to make it through, which is exactly what I did.

And so after I was done being tired on Saturday, I found that I had awoken up in my bed and there looking straight at me was the man that I have fallen in love with! He was smiling just the way I remember his bearing his teeth and just making me feel like a special girl to have someone like him who fills up his gas at the Shell Station in Watertown, MA, when I really didn't even know that Shell was such a popular gas station anymore, but apparently it is quite something else. I felt just so happy that he had finally found me, but of course, it was what I like to call a "dream of sorts" and so I woke up and really there was nothing staring at me other than my bird who is a cockatiel and I think he was more mad than glad because I had not fed him that day because I had slept and slept like no other.

So after I got up and fed my cockatiel whose name begins with the letter "D", I turned on the television set which I own and there is where my turn of events began, which is ironic because my adventure last weekend began outside and this time it began inside the residence in which I live. Well, the tv liked to tell me about a place called Applebees where they are all there to have a good time and give you nice grilled food and drinks that are like shakes with a little alcohol, but not enough to taste or feel in your body, but enough to make it worth a few extra dollars because of that alcohol that does not seem to be there much but that just tastes like a very nice chocolate and vanilla shake. And so I knew at that moment that Applebees was the place for me to go right then and there on the spot.

But it appears it was quite late at that moment, as it was more like 4am in my time, but I imagine it would not have been that late in Dreamwalker's time who lives in a country that is not even close to my time zone here in the Northeast of the US of A. So Sunday, I dashed to the Applebees that I had discovered was only about 5 miles from my residence, and I just knew things were going to be for the best.

When I arrived, after a man welcomed me, this same man asked me a question, who was called a "host", and the question he asked was this: "How many in your party?" And so I thought about it, and I decided I would like to have 10 in my party. And so it took him a moment to arrange the proper tables, and then he invited me over to wait for my friends. I ordered that drink that is like a milkshake, and then I saw a group of 4 interesting looking sorts of people enter the Applebees and so I ran to the Host and told him they were going to be in my party. Well, it seems they were not too interested in that idea, but the Host seemed to like the idea because he sort of smiled a smile that said, "I like that idea, Orchard," and I am never one to argue with that.

So he seated them near me, but not quite yet at my table, but close enough so that I was able to move my chair next to them and if I spoke in a rather high pitched, clear loud voice, I was sure that they would hear me. I struck up a few conversations about cooking, like Rob the Webkahunah and Rolandog suggested, and nice people in New Orleans like Javafoofoo told, me, but it wasn't until I talked about Gypsies as Alejo suggested that their attention was really peaked. At that point, they actually turned to look at me and see my face, which I thought was much more interesting than just their backs and backs of shirt collars. They seemed to ask me some very specific questions that proved they were listening to me, and it seemed they were quite intrigued with my ability to speak, as I could tell by the intensity and volume of their speech, and wondered why I was talking to them when they were so tempted to move seats away from me. Well, I accepted their unspoken challenge to peak their interest more, as I am not one to give up on challenges, so I started talking a lot faster so as to get more information in a shorter period of time, and I tried to quote all of the lovely marriage lines that Aswin gave me after my bake sale flopped, and I think that really got them because they just didn't know what to do with themselves, and got so excited with me that they were very adament about leaving the Applebees entirely.

Well, this was a nice turn of events, because it is not every day that a girl can make such great 4 friends as I made who are so inspired by one's words that they must go out to the world immediately and start making positive changes, which I'm sure is what my new friends were doing, and which is why I'm letting them have some peace to make their changes because maybe they were putting a stop of the poverty of children who do not have proper nutrition or exercise.

After my four friends left, the host did not seem to think he ought to sit anyone else near me and he also seemed to think that the manager agreed I should go out into the world, because I am sure that they also saw that spark in me at that moment and wanted to make sure I capitilized on that passion and that I did some good, instead of just sitting in the Applebees and drinking a shake and meeting friends. Because it is at that moment that I learned I must do good in the world like my new four friends from the Applebees, even if I just start at home.

So I thought a lot on Sunday about what good I should do, and it wasn't until today, Monday, when I put all that thinking into practice and so what I did to change the world was that, even on this Valentine's Day, when I should be with my Shell Love Man, I put that aside to start digging a little ditch near the side of the road in the town in which I reside, because it seems that when it snows and rains that the water likes to puddle up the road, but if it had a nice ditch next to it, it would just run out of the way and not cause cars any harm, which is really the good deed at the local level that I had thought of on Sunday.

So it has been long cold day, and digging the ditch with my snow shovel has not been as simple of a task as I had hoped. And I really do love my garbage men, but I had to make haste away from them when they arrived because they seemed to not think it was such a good idea for me to be digging as I was, but since no one else seemed to notice for the rest of the day, I think I've been a success, because it's as I like to always say, "If no one notices your good deed, then that really means it is good because the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing except when they need each other's cooperation to do that good because then they must know and work together in fact" which is like what happened with me and the shoveling.

And so that is where I am at right now with my life, and it may come as quite a shock to you that I have put this priority of helping the world above finding my long lost true love, but it is what I feel would be the best for me and the world right now and so that is why I have made this tremendous change in which my life just might take a very different turn from what I have experienced thus far, such as my needing all that sleep Friday and Saturday so indicated.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Day 20: Too tired to even talk about my long lost true love

Well, it appears that I am just so tired tonight that I quite don't have the eyesight or philosophical thoughts to provide my best friend bloggers with an interesting post. So I shall just say that I have left a more long comment on the Day 19 post after such lovely comments from Rob the Webkahunah, Rolandog and Brick Wall, whom it is good to see back, but I am just so tired that I'm afraid I will have to tell my experiences at a time when my eyelids are just a bit stronger.

orchard p dirk

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Day 19: My mushed up cookies and will Google save me?

Well, it seems that sometimes the things that I imagine are the best ideas that I have turn out to be the ideas that are, in fact, not as good as I had originally anticipated in thinking those ideas that I have acquired. And so it brings me to tell you about my adventure of today, even though I am just feeling like even my blog won't make me feel better about this, although the kind words of my best friend bloggers always pick me up when I read them.

Well, it appears Aswin may have been onto something, because my cookies did NOT keep very well outside last night as it appears that this part of New York of America experienced a great deal of what I like to call "pounding rain," but at least it wasn't snow as some parts got, but that rain had the inkling of making my cookies change in consistency and appearance, even though these are two strong qualities in a cooking endeavor that one has used to cook. However, the good news that made me feel special was that I saw the garbage man this morning pick up a cookie and place it to his nose, as though savoring the savory smell of the peanut butter mint cookie.

But this happy moment was not enough to last me all day, as I felt just rather discouraged that I had lost all of my cookies in this horrible rain storm that seems was only sent here just to torment my scheme of finding my long lost love whom I am growing ever more attached to as each day progresses as the world turns on its axis.

And so now I am wondering if I should do a "Google AdSens" plan on my blog, where I would receive a small amount of pennies for each "click" that someone puts on the ads for a certain period of time or some such business or other. Because I put quite a lot of effort into making those cookies and they really only got me 10 cents after all, and one nice smile from the garbage man sniff, so it's moments like these that it just makes me ask the real philosophical questions that I always tend to ask, like, "Is putting a business such as Google AdSens on my blog the kind of thing that will help in the long run for finding my long lost love or hinder in getting me friends?" and other thoughts like, "Is advertising in this day and age a thing that is beneficial to society or a nuisance that is just quite not what we should be viewing every other moment that we have our eyes open and looking at items?"

And I'm afraid I don't have the answers, and I'm not even quite sure that my blog is full of my normal energy and zeal which I've come to love expressing to all my best blogger friends, but can a girl be blamed for this, if she is really just trying to find her long lost love against all odds where even her blogger friends doubt her lover's true love, and even her townspeople will not support in aiding her to find help for finding her long lost love, and is Google really the only one who actually cares about true love in this day and age of 2005, USA?

Well, there is not much more that I can say today because I am just so tuckered out from cleaning up all those cookies that were mushed in the yard, and that blew into my neighbor's yard, as he was not too pleased that I used his newspapers yesterday to make my sign of plea for assistance, but I really just think he should take his newspapers off his lawn if he doesn't want them to be used by the public society or for advertising cookies. And when a girl has been wet to the bone with rain and had such events occur as I have had, one can only expect such from her on Day 19 of her search to find friends.



Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Day 18: My Feb bake sale to get money for a Private Investigator

Dear My Blogger Friends who are so encouraging,

Well, today it appears, my sadness is not as strong, as tends to be the case with me when one day ends and a new begins anew with the dawn of another day. So on this day of today, I remain hopeful because I am going to try to earn enough money for someone who is called an "investigator," as my new blog friend, Mike, suggested to me, because it appears an investigator to find one's boyfriend whom one doesn't know the name of, is not such a cheap ordeal, nor do they appear to do it for free, even if the consulation is free because they wish to reunite long lost loved ones.

So after I learned about the private investigator and obtained a bit of information that I do not think is necessary to put in the public domain of my blog, I started baking as many delicious treats as I could put my hands on, such as: brownies, peppermint cookies filled with cream cheese, and lemon cookies. Well, it then suddenly came to pass that I had run out of sugar, so I substituted a bag of leftover Christmas candy canes instead of the sugar, after I had smashed them up with a hammer, as I figured that sugar comes from cane anyway, and it was certainly sweet enough.

So then with the cane sugar, I baked peanut butter cookies and molassas cookies. Then I picked up a very sturdy card table that only had one wobbly leg, which I use for such things as I tend to use, and I put on it a very beautiful old curtain that had pictures of baby trolls on it, and I set this outside of my residence. I then displayed all of my wonderful creations of which I was proud because I had worked for many hours in the place that I used to call the kitchen, but now call that "kitchart" in honor of one of my old friend bloggers, Alejo.

And this is where my joy for making money turned to become a little bit of frustration, as tends to be the emotion that occurs when I hit stumbling blocks that simply have no meaning and are there just to make me frustrated even though a girl such as I is usually just so calm. Well, it came to pass that no one was interested in purchasing my bake sale items for the private investigator. It was dark in the town in which I live, and while it was probably 35-40 degrees F because it has been a warm day, it still seemed as though no one wanted to make the effort to come and help out a girl such as I who really only wants to be reunited with her long lost loved one.

But then as I threw up a peppermint molassas cookie at a street sign, so as to release some of my frustration in a healthy manner, I had the nice idea to make signs myself, and so I took some old newspapers that were thrown about in my neighbor's yard and I ripped them up and used a very black "permanent" marker, as they are known to be called, and I wrote in very large letters: "BUY BAKED GOODS TO GET ME MY LONG LOST LOVED ONE TODAY!"

After a few minutes or so, it seemed not everyone could see this sign from where they were positioned inside their big homes, so I took the sign around with me to each door that I could find and I spoke only the words on the sign in a very loud clear voice, that really took a lot of my energy, and kindly held it up for them to see. Well, it seemed that most people were in the middle of their dinners and were not quite ready to have a dessert, but when I was persistent with a woman who was not quite a spring-chicken, she finally did give me a dime and so I returned to my card table, and brought her back a peanut butter cookie, because I thought that was really the only kind of cookie a lady like her ought to be seen eating.

Well, it is now getting later and I have decided to close up shop for the night, but the thing which keeps my spirits high is that I know that if I leave the baked goods outside tonight, the cold night-time air will probably keep them fresh until morning, and afterall, it's like I always say, "Tomorrow is another day filled with hopes and new thoughts and also time to go back to old thoughts and activities and finish what you started the previous day." Which, in my case, is the sale of my baked goods so that I can afford to hire a "PI" so that I might be reunited with my long lost loved one that I saw at the Shell Gas station way back on the day called Sunday, February, 2005, in which the days of the week and numbers will be the same in March because February has exactly 4 weeks.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Day 17: Love for Shell man, but sadness for Down-with-Love-ers

Well, it seems that it's now the afternoon on Tuesday, February 8, and I still have not heard from the man that I am in love with, and whom I think loves me just as much. If I knew his name, that would help me find him, I believe, because even though I memorized his license plate, it appears to be some information that my local police department did not want to give me, even though I explained how we had shared a moment at the Shell Gas Station in Waterown, MA and now I am muchly in love with him. But some people are just "down with love" as they say, and for those people, I must admit that I am quite sad.

So today, I am mourning not only for myself and my new boyfriend whom I cannot find, but I am also mourning for those who are "down with love", like that lovely little movie with the blonde actress who has played many things and is willing to change her physical appearance for parts, and the man who is quite cute with his accent and lovely smile where he shows his teeth that are little pieces of pearls.

And as Valentine's Day approaches fast, it causes me to ponder other questions, such as, Can we be happy in life without falling in love, and if we fall in love but do not see that person we are in love with, will that make us happier than before when we were really just looking for earth friends but were just so happy to have found blogger friends that call us Orchid, as a pet name, because it is an expensive flower that is prized, even on Sex and the City?

And I must say I do not know all of these answers, but I do know this: A girl has feelings and once those feelings are there, it appears they are real, or is it possible for them not to be real at all, but merely feelings of something that is not real?

Well, this is all very well and good, but it does not change the fact that I still mourn for those who do not support love, because that is really a basic need that we humans and similar species have, because even my bird who is a cockatiel gets lonely and runs over to me in his cage when I return to him after a night in a town called Watertown, MA, where I met my love who has made me think of these questions that I ponder.


And today, in honor of those who do not think love is important, much like the person at the police station who seemed to think he should not support my finding my love with a license plate,

Monday, February 07, 2005

Days 15, 16: Boston's earth friends then my big surprise at the Shell Gas Station

Well, it appears, as always, that just when you think you have everything under control and figured out into a perfect neat box, Life throws you something that some people call a "curveball" which tells you, in fact, you don't have it figured out at all and there are still new feelings to be had. And so, I will tell you the tale of my adventure in Boston where I learned a great lesson of things I did not know before that I intend to call Lesson A.

I left on Saturday afternoon in a car that I drive and took some highways that are 95 and 91 and 90 and they were all going North or East, because that is the direction in which Boston is located in relation to the place where I reside. And my eyes were doing their hard work by scanning all of the other vehicles that were also driving, as I was looking for the black SUV that the two people in Stop and Shop owned who were also going to the party I was trying to go to.

Well, as fate would have it, I seemed to get off at an exit in the area which is Boston without having seen the black SUV, and with my eyes being tired from all of their hard scanning, and in need of gasoline. I came to a gas station that is Shell, and I asked the waiter pumping my gas where a snow football game might be going on that all my new earth friends might be at. He seemed to not know, but he did say that people used school fields to play games on the weekends that are Saturday and Sunday, and since this was already Saturday, I decided to check one out in the place of Watertown, MA, which is where the Shell Station was, and which is apparently sort of Boston anyway.

I thought the Shell waiter was just so helpful that maybe he would have a spare room for me that night to sleep in, but it seems he did not, and no one else on the street near the Shell station seemed to have one either, so I decided to drive until I found a school field, and then take a little nap in my car that was full of gasoline and blankets now anyway. Well! The next morning, which was Sunday, I woke up by hearing the sound of people walking and talking and having fun being friends with each other!

I ran out of the car and saw all of my new earth friends (except the two girls at the Stop and Shop, who did not seem to quite be there, and so I do hope that they are alright) and told them I was ready for the party and to play snow-football because I used my money which I had put in my orange Clown bank to buy a pair of snowpants which would protect me from the wet snow below. They were so happy to see me that they all laughed with each other, so I did, as well, because I was just so joyous to have found them all at last, even if they did not seem to think a friend like I ought to share in the business of knowing their names, even when I asked.

So then they threw around a ball which is a football in America, and split us into teams, and it seems they wanted me to stand away from them and be the referee, because this was an important post. It was really a great time because they always laughed with each other when they looked at me on the side taking my notes for referee responsibilities, and it was just so great that a girl like I had finally found my true earth friends playing snow football in Watertown, MA.

But then I started to feel my feet were getting frozen as I could not feel them anymore, and it had been a cold night, even with the heat on sometimes and blankets, so I had to leave the game to find somewhere warm. And THAT is where my real adventure came. Because while I was sad to leave my new earth friends, I had a feeling that something interesting was about to occur, and when I got back in my car and drove to that Shell Station again which has a bathroom that I could soak my feet in the sink of to warm them up, it appears I saw a man, who was quite handsome in my eyes, filling up his car with gasoline, much as I had done the night before. And it seems that man saw me, as well, as after I waved and said, "Hi, I'm Orchard!", he looked at me and sort of squinted his eyes, looked around, then turned away from me--shy that a girl was paying attention to him, and put the nozzle back in its place.

Well, he then seemed to get in his car, and I ran to the side and again, told him my name and that he could also call me Orchid, if he thought that were prettier, like some of my blogger friends do. He said a thing or two which I don't want to repeat in this blog because they are not words for all ages, but that, were, undoubtedly, said because he felt a strong attraction to me, then he put a single finger to the glass window. At first, I was a little bit hurt, then I realized he meant this gesture to be touching, but then he had to speed away very fast, because it seems he could not handle his feelings at that moment.

So now it appears that I am in love with this man at the Shell Gas Station in Watertown, MA, even though my feet are still a bit tingly from the cold. And it came to pass that I spent the rest of yesterday trying to find him, but I could not, so I have returned here to New York State, in the hopes that he will find me, which would be a romantic tale. Because it is quite a treat when you are just looking for friends and then you end up falling in love when you didn't even think that was what you were trying to do, and so that is why I say that Life threw me something of a curveball called Lesson A, even when the Patriots from areas like Boston, did end up winning the Superbowl, as they tend to like to do 3 times in 4 years.



Saturday, February 05, 2005

Day 14: I will go to Boston now.

Well, I am pleased with the feedback and ideas you all have offered a girl like me in how to meet friends in bookstores better, and I plan to get right back on that horse but at a different book store other than Borders, although I appreciated Admiral Sprot's warm invitation which I might take him up on some day.

But for now, when I was in the Stop and Shop, where I buy my
orange juice, I heard 2 nice looking young people talk about how they were going to a city that is Boston for this weekend, which has the superbowl enclosed in it, I decided that maybe I should follow them and head on up to Boston to hang out with them and play "snow football" with them, as they were talking to each other about doing exactly that.

So it is now apparent that I am going to get in a car and just drive on up there, and spend Saturday night and Sunday night in that city of great sports and culture, and try to find where that party is, because they didn't seem to want to tell me, and join them and have a really great time. So I probably won't be able to blog here until I get back on Monday, and I might have a lot of new
earth friends when I return on Monday, but I promise I won't forget about all of my blogger friends, and I hope that you will have nice thoughts for me this weekend, as I try my adventure of new earth friends and superbowls in the city that is called Boston, US of A.


Friday, February 04, 2005

Day 13: My trip to Borders to find friends and how my seat got destroyed

Well, I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday based on my blog post and that lesson that I learned is this: If you only put philosophical things in a post on a blog, people will be less inclined to read and comment than if you put on it action, unless they are French speaking from a country that is Canada, like my new friend, Esteban. And so now today, I will put my philosophical nature aside, in the hopes that you will read and post once more, but if you do not, I certainly understand that, as well, because we all must post comments only when we feel the timing is right, and that is something each and every blogger must respect and nurture.

So today I took the advice of a new friend blogger who is named Rob the Webkahunah and is in the tourism industry, so he has a great deal of experience in making and gaining friends that he wants to have. He suggested I go to the book store and meet a friend there and so I decided to go to a store that is called Borders, because they like to make their books have borders on them, and the name Barnes and Noble was already taken.

I walked inside and stood by the register for a moment, as I did not know what section would best find me the most friends, but a very kind man came to me and asked how he could help and so I told him what Rob the Webkahunah told me and he seemed to think I ought to try a section that he called "Self Help," although I did not see this written anywhere, but I could have missed it as my eyes don't always like to read signs and such.

Well, I made myself a very nice little seat out of some of the larger books, and just got comfortable, waiting for my new earth friends. It seems I waited a while when no one was there, and this enabled me to even make arm rests on my book seat, but then a woman with very nice looking heels came in and appeared to plunk herself down near the section which seemed to have a lot of books about how to get over your self-defeating habits. I thought this might be a nice way to start making her my friend, and so I asked what self-defeating habits she had. She didn't really answer me very well, and said something like, "Well, you know."

But I didn't know, and so I asked her again. She then shrugged and smiled at me and turned her back on me so that I could no longer see her face, but I could still see her pretty heels which looked like little red playground slides on her feet. So I left my cozy seat I'd made of the books and walked to face her face, and asked her again what self-defeating habits she had that she wanted help with, and that maybe we could become best friends and I could help her with that.

Well, it seems the lady was not in the mood to shop for friends along with her books, so she put the book down and said she had to go. I followed her out of that section because I thought she could maybe show me some more books that maybe could help me find closer friends, but she seemed to have to go somewhere only by herself without me, so I was told to let her go and then I walked back to my area.

But it seems when I got back to my book area, my little seat had been dismantled by someone who called himself an employee of the Borders. And so it came to be that I had a feeling that was not too dissimiliar from what I call "frustration", so I knew that it would not be right for me to take out this feeling like frustration onto any new friends that I might meet later in the day, so I understood that it was time to leave.

So now I am back to the place where I reside and I feel quite a little bit sad that the Borders employee took away my seat when I was only trying to be comfortable when I was on my lookout for new friends. So I think that finding friends in a bookstore is a very intelligent idea and I think I will try this again, but when I have no feelings of sorrow or something akin to frustration. However, for my first visit, I think that I have failed and I don't like to blame others, but I must say I feel the Borders employee who took away my book seat with the arm rests is partially to blame even if he offers gift wrapping as a free service that is complimentary to all.



Thursday, February 03, 2005

Day 12: Does Green make us value life more, and thoughts on my best friend baby

Well, today, my blog entry is going to be a quite philosophical one, because not as much action has occured today yet, but much thought has, and as much as I love the action that makes up my life, sometimes a little thought here and there is not such a bad thing.

I'd like to start this post with a quote from my friend, Alejo's blog: "Verde que te quiero verde. Verde viento. Verde ramas."

Now, I don't know Spanish; I only know a little bit of the language that is French, but sometimes French and Spanish have words that are called "cognates" and this means that they are sort of similar to each other, so I am guessing that the statement has something to do with how Green comes and Green remains. And if the Green represents Life, then it seems to be echoing the statement I always say, which is this, "If life has a lot of cultures and different people in it, then we should really value all those different cultures, because they will live on unless they all merge into one someday, but that will be a sad day because I really like to enjoy the differences in the world."

So all this thought has made me want to buy a plane ticket to see another part of the world and maybe therein lies my Green that will remain. But for now, I don't want to make another phone call to get a plane ticket, and I do not make such purchases online, nor do I have the money, so I will have to wait until my fate changes and my phone calls are productive again.

However, I appreciate all the nice thoughts from my new blogger female friends, called Jenny J who likes to post her own comment and SueShi (who calls me Orchid and I rather quite like that name too), and of course, my old blogger male friends, and all the anonymous ones too, who have encouraged me to also think through the best friend baby process. And that is indeed what I intend to do until I know that the baby's Green remains in the state in which I live that is the great Empire State of New York, who has changed its license plates over the past few years.


Orchard (or if you want to call me Orchid--that's pretty too)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Day 11: My new plan for a best friend and how the phone is getting in the way

Well, I just read a very interesting article on another site by my new blogger friend, RdTurpin from the US. I was referred there by Rolandog, whom you all know by now, and the article was all about sex and abstinence, and it got me to thinking about this:

Will a girl who is just trying to have a journey of adventures and experiences, but who hasn't made too many earth friends, ever get married and have a kid that is from herself? Well, I could have thought about this for a while, but then I remembered how there are other countries in this world, and in those countries sometimes they have little babies and older children who just don't have homes, with names like Mirta, and I thought to myself, what a great idea to take one of those children who has no home and give him or her a home in the US where I live and have love, and have that child have a nice home and also be my best friend?

Well, I called up an agency, whose name they said not to use here in my blog, so I won't because I do want to protect their rights and not get them mad at me, but when I told them my plan, they seemed to think maybe I had the wrong motives for wanting to bring a child from a country like Guatemala maybe, over to a country like where I am. They asked me a lot of questions, and some questions even reminded me of the man at the DMV yesterday, and they weren't even sure I should come in for an appointment yet.

So now I'm supposed to think about it, and figure out if I have the finances to care for a new best friend baby from a country where the baby's parents don't want her or him, and also to see if I have a support network other than the blog world, because they did not seem to think the blog world would help babysit the best friend baby when I had to go out to do errands without the best friend, and so that is where we left it.

And now I'm beginning to wonder if using the phone to ask an important question is such a good idea. Because it's now been two days in a row when I've tried to really get to the bottom of something very important and instead have just been asked a lot of questions by a woman and man at the DMV, and now a woman at this agency that I will respect, but that I must admit does good work for other people who want to bring a new best friend baby into this country called the United States of America.

but a bit frustrated with the phone system,

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Day 10: My theory about the US proved by the DMV

Well, it appears that when I woke up this morning, I looked at my blogs from my best friend bloggers, like rolandog, who is a dude who also documents his own weird journeys, and Aswin, who has his addiction to F1Time and Alejo who displays many thoughtful pictures and ideas about things in Spanish, and it got me to thinking about this:

Why are my best friends only bloggers who live in countries like Mexico and India? I have found great heart in these new ties, and I would not trade them in for the world, but at times, I wonder, why does no one in the US want to leave their real name? It seems that by chance I was born into the US and therefore it is easier to meet people who live in that same country that I was born into. And it also seems that they are the ones who do not want to give their private information so that I can become great friends with them.

I think it is because the United States of America, at times, might imply that privacy is more important than when a girl just wants to find a friend so she will just have a friend to hang out with.

So this morning, I called the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) in the county in which I reside, because when I got to thinking about it, I really didn't think the United States Government would hear all that I had to say and give me a quick response, because they really do try their best over there and have to work long hours away from their families that they have borne. But the DMV, I thought, might help because they are there to serve all of us in our own county and also our cars.

When I talked to the lady at the DMV and explained my dilemma of the privacy issue of the US, she seemed to not want to help me at first. So I had to call back a few times, and then after I started talking to her the fifth or sixth time, she seemed very concerned, which I thought was about time, and put me on hold. Then a man came on and liked to ask me questions like, "What are you getting at?" And "what is your question?" And "why are you calling the DMV?"

Well, this became a bit frustrating to me, because I had already explained all these answers in great detail to the lady and she finally had concern for my issue, and then I had to tell them all over to the man again and try to win him over to my problem. But I could tell he did not want to help me, and really it just made me sad because it was then that I knew my theories about the US and privacy and friends were right all along.