Thursday, September 29, 2005

Day 1 Again: Should it be Jdate or the squid or jdate or really just something else?

Well now. It has come to my attention that there are multiple ways to find a mate that the advances of modern "technology" make possible that are things that don't require talking exactly with one's mouth, but require typing with one's fingers that are attached to one's hands.
I am pleased to learn such a thing because it is the case that my fingers are fast to make words appear on the screen, and really, that is just the way I was made.

And it reminds me of how I once took a dollar and twenty five cents and gave it to a man on a street in the city of New York in exchange for a bottle of Poland Springs water, which is a brand of something that might be synthetic water that is manufactured in Greenwich, CT. Well, after I handed him this money, he gave me a water bottle that didn't have any water in it, but was empty and there was not even a lid on it to keep the emptiness in. Well, I told him this was not what I was expecting when I handed him my $1.25 and he said something that I have never forgotten and those words that he spoke to me, as he looked on with a kind, pained, expression of wisdom, were: "That is just the luck of the draw." And I really could not say anything back to him, as I really could not disagree with that.

And really, when I get to think about how I type fast, I do think it is just the luck of the draw, as if I had a twin sister who was identical to me, maybe she would not be able to type so fast, or maybe she would.

And then I also just think, as my mind tends to do, if it is the luck of the draw that I can type fast and that I might be given an empty water bottle when I was hoping for a full water bottle, then maybe these things that find you mates that are based on typing instead of talking, like jdate and myspace and other such love-machines, perhaps finding a good mate is really the luck of the draw too, when really I just don't know if that means I should be getting on or if it means I should just start putting up posters of the live giant squid that they finally got pictures of in Japan that is 25 feet long and really got caught in a trap from the humans for hours and finally just broke off its tentacle to get free?


p.s. I have entitled my post Day 1 Again, because I believe it is Day 1 of Finding A Mate, which is really just my new adventure that will land me a best friend forever, so I guess it is still in search of a friend, but since I lost track of numbers before anyway, it is quite convenient to start over again anyway and really why not?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

My new way of being for a blog that is what I tend to write in

Well, I just want to let you know that something is going to change about my blog now, and that something is quite a simple thing that you might even have been saying, "Yes, I think that is a simple thing that ought to change" yourself. And that thing is simply this:

I have been caught up in feeling bad that I have not told you about my trip to MichGan and then all the other things I did this summer, which were not many, but mostly consisted of sleeping, which I have indeed told you already, and the puppy that is Igor the Blog. So from now on, I am letting you know that I am giving up the past, because really it is just making me feel like I can't write about the present, and I have always thought to myself, "The past can really weigh oneself down", but I had never experienced it until my Spring and Summer of the lost blogging. And so, that is the case, and starting this week, I shall just write about the events that happen to me now, and I have a feeling quite a few events will happen, as I have made it my mission to find a mate that is called a "fiance" before the year 2006, because if a girl like I just can't find a best friend that will stay in the country she is in, then a girl like I really ought to look for the next best thing, which is considered a mate.

And so that will be my plan, and as my POA worked out quite interestingly in MichGan, although it did make me sleep all summer, so too will my Plan of Action for a mate will work, but I do just know that I can't sleep so much, as Igor the Blog will want his puppy chow and a responsible owner really should not sleep through a puppy's meal time, and I really do feel I will start renumbering my posts, so as to give me a sense of stability in this here life o' mine.


Friday, September 16, 2005

When the tail is a waggin'

Well, I do not have a picture of my puppy, as I am not adept at such appliances as digital cameras or scanner machines, but I can share with you a poem I shall write about my puppy on the spot right now, even though my puppy's name is not quite Spot but it is Igor the Blog:

My puppy is a dog that has a white tail
And my puppy likes to wag that tail
My puppy is a dog that has a black nose
And my puppy's black nose is quite cold.

My puppy likes to bark and whine and jump.
My puppy will even do an Irish jig.
My puppy will eat carrots and beets and chocolate chips
But I don't want my puppy to eat from the dump.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

but what would a deer eat in the winter if the berries are all dead?

Well, my puppy is quite a cute one which has made me quite as happy as a little deer in the forest eating non-poisonous berries from a bush whilst it is still warm enough that the deer does not have to starve to death for lack of food and overpopulation which is really competition, as they say.

But I have to admit that I almost went to sleep before I started blogging here because it appears to be the case that I am just plum tired, and I was thinking, well, I guess I should let my best friend bloggers know, as they really ought to be kept abreast, and perhaps they will even have a word or two of things that are advice-like that might keep me to be more awake during the "hours of the sun." But I really just do wonder what the deer forage for in the forest when there is nothing left to eat, because despite the common misconception, deer do NOT hibernate in the winter, as this is a deer head and this is a kangaroo head and this is a rabbit, as deer are really just the kangaroos of the north.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I will now tell you about the fact that I have painted with things that are called "acrylics" which are similar to nails, but perhaps not exactly

Well, one thing that I have come to take time to do whilst I lived in a summer of indoors-ed-ness was a thing which I have termed, "Painting with acrylics." Now, it is the case that acrylics are types of liquids which are not natural and hence they dry faster like fake nails which are also called acrylics and really probably quite the same thing, as one tends to think they smell of that fake smell which is acrylic or lycra, which is also a material that is not of nature. But it leads me to think, is it possible for anything to not be of nature, when really everything in the world is natural in some way, even if man-made, because we are not man-made exactly, except from birth and then isn't everything we make also from nature when you go back far enough?

And so I have completed paintings of this fiber and material and liquid which are there for the taking in painting stores, even though when I ventured out to a painting store whilst trying not to fall asleep in the store, a man said to me, "Do you need to sit down?" And when I explained my situation and asked him to come and paint with me to lift my spirits, as it seemed we hit it off from Day One, he seemed to have to get back "to the grind" and that only made me want to sleep more.

But I did, nonetheless, experience a painting or two or more, which have backgrounds which are really diverse colors of the same genre, and have figures in them which are thin and flowing and really not quite looking like real people, but that is what the artist must do from time to time, as Alejo encourages, and I really just wonder if any of my other blogger friends have ever painted and if they have, have they used said fibers as acrylic or said natural fibers like water and dyes from the earth or one's skin?


Friday, September 09, 2005

We'll start with this-how I came back to the world of Blog

Well, as it turns out, I do not have the amount of energy a girl like I had a few months ago for blogging, so I have decided the only way to tackle telling you all what I must tell you, is to split it up into little bits or sections of events, and just tell you that, and then a different day, tell you another said item. For if I were to post everything quite rightly, it would take more energy than this Orchard has, even though my summer is far less eventful that any of my days in February were.

So today I will start with the event that was the time of my puppy which is actually quite recent and what has allowed me to come back to the world of Blog. Well, it happened to be the case that after my trip back from MichGan where a lot of dynamic things happened that I still have yet to tell you, I was sleeping a great deal. I was sleeping so much so that one day not long ago, my neighbor who never did watch The Nanny with me on tv came over to my residence and knocked on my door. He seemed to imply that he thought it was odd that I had not been out of my house for such a long period of time and that the lights were always off and yet my vehicle remained and so he wanted to make sure that I had not passed away, as it was really the duty of any citizen.

Well, you can imagine how thrilled I was to know that he cared and so I assured him I had not passed away and invited him in to now watch The Nanny, but he said, "No, no," and informed me he had other things to do, and I asked if any of those things were checking in on other neighbors and he said no, that was not on his agenda for the day. And so I felt quite special that I was his only one, and thanked him and he mumbled something and I asked him to repeat it, and he said it louder and the sentence he said was, "Well, if you need anything, let me know." Which I thought was just the sweetest thing in the world so I told him I needed a puppy because I had a dream with a puppy buying a camera in it just that night before who was a poodle with black hair, and it made me decide that I needed one, but it didn't have to be a pure bred, and he raised his eyebrows in a certain way and said, "Okay."

Well, I waited and waited for 3 days, and while this neighbor never did bring the puppy, it did get me to come out of my bed and to stop sleeping quite so much, as I was always wondering if the puppy were about to arrive and I did not want to sleep through the delivery. So then I thought to myself, "What would my best friend bloggers tell me to do?" And I really did think that, and I could even imagine Alejo saying something like, "If you want a puppy, you shouldn't wait for your neighbor to bring it, you should get it yourself!" And so I took this advice that a blogger might have given me, and I went out and found a puppy at a place that is called the SPCA or ASPCA or another such organization of letters that really only wants to find homes for animals that they make not have babies or rabies.

And I took this puppy home with me and we have had quite a few adventures even in a short period of time, as she is quite a bold little puppy who some might say takes after her mother, as I tend to like to call myself her mother, even though I did not give birth to her, but I did give her a bowl of water just this morning along with other treats and food, and those are things some mothers give. And so the puppy is really quite a recent thing that has occured in my life, but she has made me decide that there is more to life than sleeping and so my summer hibernation has ended and I can't imagine it would end any other way, even though I am sad I didn't get to tell you how it was over 90 degrees Farenheit for a record number of days in the NYC area, and everyone knows that a girl like I just likes to report to her national and international friends what the weather is like where she is located in her place of residence where she lives and has her puppy that she named Igor the Blog, even though while said girl was sleeping she tended to miss the explosion of the podcast.

Love always,

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well, it is I again!

Dear Best Friend Bloggers,

I have now just come to the usage of my laptop computer and so I felt I must allow my best friend bloggers to know that I am okay in this day and age. And that I cannot believe I have not posted since the month that I have dubbed "The Month of Almost Summer" or "The Month I Stopped Blogging" which is commonly referred to as "June." But this is the fact, and there is no denying it, try as I might.

And I just have tears in my eyes right now, as I witness the kindness of all of my best friend bloggers who have shared their concern for wondering how I was and if I were still only sleeping and dreaming, which is quite a lot of what I have been doing e're these long months of technical summer. But I have also done other activities, which are things that I must tell you about, because there is just no one else that I can tell but you, because you still remain my best friends in the blog world, which is most of the world that I connect with. But tonight, I shall just say that I offer my thoughts and prayers to the bloggers and non-bloggers that have been affected by the hurricane which has changed their lives, and I especially think of Javafoofoo and Rob The Webkahunah, and read their blogs and know that their lives are safe although changed.

And I shall become more of a blogger once again, and I'm sure when I explain my little simple tale, you will understand why I have not been blogging, but I must just say that I appreciate that I now am, and I appreciate so much your love and support as best friend bloggers.