Thursday, April 28, 2005

Day 95: A survey that I was told I had to take, and so I did and relay said survey to you

One of my blogger friends who has the name of Daily Shower filled out a survey,and he then posted on his website to have me do the same survey on my website, even though the Shower does not tend to like to post things on my very own blog. But I thought I would respect his wishes and allow you a little more insight into what makes me "tick" as they say, and I know Aswin has wondered from time to time. So I cannot guarantee that I will be as entertaining as some, but I will just be honest, and really, that is all a girl like I can do these days, especially when she is still trying to figure out where to place her Creatures of The Sea project which has tended to make her place of residence have a certain odor about it that some might not enjoy so much.

Three Names You Go By: Orchard, Orch, Orchid (to my special blogger friends who have dubbed this flower to be my name)

Three Screen Names You Have: Orchard P Dirk

Three Things You Like About Yourself: 1) I like to make a difference in this world of ours. 2) I like to have my best friend blogger friends. 3) I like that I am going to make the people of the land world understand what the Creatures of the Sea have been trying to tell us for years.

Three Things You Dislike About Yourself: 1) I dislike that I do not have more--or any, at this point, earth friends. I2) dislike that my only best earth friend, Kimmy, moved to Taiwan, but I am happy that she is marrying a man who loves her. 3) I dislike that my true love had to go to Australia before I even got to know his name.

Three Parts of Your Heritage: Well, I guess one could say that I am "American", and also "New York State-an" and also "East Coast of the US-an".

Three Things That Scare You: 1) the worst 2) the thought of eating a handful of sand and choking on it 3) getting a paper cut in my eye

Three Everyday Essentials: 1) my creatures of the sea project, 2) a darling little keychain that doubles as lincoln logs, 3) just the funniest watch that is of a character that is just the darndest thing!

Three Things You're Wearing Right Now: 1) toe nail polish, 2) pants or "slacks" as people are saying ALL THE TIME right now, and 3) a nice shirt that has stripes that make your mind go crazy

Three Favorite Bands/Artists: Well, I am not always one to remember names, so I will honor the artists and not make the names worse than they really are in real life.

Three Favorite Songs at Present: Well, again, the names of things such as songs tend to slip away from a girl such as I, but i do like all those songs about needing each other, and uplifting and of course, "friendship, friendship, just the perfect blendship. When other friendships have been forgot, ours will still be hot."

Three Things You Want To Try And Do In The Next Twelve Months: 1) Get an awareness out to the whole wide world about my Creatures of the Sea project 2) Find a friend that will boil eggs and make a mud-hut with me 3) sand down a coffee table that I found outside and put a darling shiny coat of varnish on it and make it just as good as can be

Three Things You Want In A Relationship: availability, talking, hanging out

Two Truths And A Lie: 1) I ate part of a horse's hoof once, 2) About one year ago, at a roller skating rink, I met a friend of Laura Bush's, who apparently is a big name around where I live now, and 3) I think candles that smell like apples are really better off in the trash

Three Physical Things About The Opposite Sex That Appeal To You: Well, I'd just say 1) a smile that is on the face, 2) having use of one's mouth to talk, and 3) just a laughing ability now and then

Three Things You Just Can't Do:
1) Seem to get it all together 2) make everyone's dreams come true 3) finish a whole plate of pasta at the Olive Garden

Three Favorite Hobbies: 1) Playing games that I make up and that I don't make up, 2) writing in my blog to my best friend bloggers, 3) potty training local dogs and children

Three Things I Want To Do Really Bad Right Now: Just get the world to know the best lesson of all!

Three Careers You Have Considered: 1) President, 2) Yoga Teacher, 3) Telemarketer

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation 1) Tailand, 2) around the universe, and 3) the land of Oz

Three Kid's Name You Have Considered: 1) Orchard, 2) Orchard Jr. 3) Fizer

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Please see above where I say what I'd like to do in the next 12 months, because really, 12 months could be before I die, or even longer and one really never knows these days.

Three People Who Have To Take This Quiz Now: Well, I shall not order anyone else to take this quiz, but it would be nice to know everyone's thoughts, like as my best friend bloggers have!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Day 93: How I have been living on the beach in search of my Creatures of the Sea project

Well, as you probably have suspected, I have been engrossed in my Creatures of the Sea project, which has taken quite a bit more time than I have imagined it ought to for a girl such as I. But I have been spending the past week or two living at the beach of the Long Island Sound. After my run-in with the elderly lady who grabbed the best dead fish find of the day, I knew watching guard every moment of the day and night was my only way to really capitilize on the prime specimens.

And so it has come to pass that I have lived on the beach and only taken quick baths in the water of the land, which is just the most natural way to be, as I like to say. And I have collected a good fifty to one-hundred dead fish and other such sea creatures, and I have finally returned to my residence today, and set up my specials in a nice neat little pyramid-style statue. And while it is quite a site to behold, I now must figure out what my next plan of action will be.

I did have quite a bit of time on the beach to think on my project and how best to use it to make the people of the land understand how the creatures of the sea can teach us lessons. But as it turns out, the beach on the Long Island Sound is quite a place that attracts characters of all sorts of walks of life, and thus my thought process was often interupted by a person who some might dub "crazy" making up little songs and jigs, and searching for buried treasure, and making fires to "smoke out the wallies" and other such happenings that, whilst interesting, do detract from the planning mind, such as mine tended to try to be most of the time when I was not catching specimens.

And so I will rest today and perhaps take a shower in the chlorinated water of the land-world, and eat a little something more substantial than what I have been eating on the beach, and then perhaps I shall sit quietly, with my hands folded neatly in my lap, and then a thought and solution will come to me in how to share my project with the world.

And I do hope you are all having a splendid time, because over here in the state of New York, the weather has just been rather ideal, with the sun and temperatures in the 70s and 80s Farenheit, which is rather reminiscent of summer, and it is hard to imagine those cold days of only 10 degrees Farenheit and such, but that is the way of we humans, who really just deal and cope to our surroundings, unless we change our surroundings, but that is also the human-way, such as it is.


Orchard P Dirk,
Educator of the Wisdom that Creatures of the Sea have to offer we humans

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Day 80: The famous saying I just made up

I just thought of a wonderful saying that it would be nice if people would put into their "Book of Sayings" and that saying is this:

"When a girl is changed by a shark, she really is more than a fish out of water on sand, and that is a lot faster than most things these days."

And that is what I'm feeling today, and I think I shall try to scavenge some dead fish on my own tomorrow, bright and early so the elderly lady doesn't get all the best finds.



Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Day 79: Maybe an elderly lady just got to steal my fish as fast as a lightning bug

Well, as it turns out, there is truth to the phrase "Finder's Keeper's", as I went to the beach-area today to search for the dead fish for my project for the sea creatures of this universe, and it came to pass that there were no fish for the taking! One elderly lady was already there with a rather large purse, so I asked her if I could at least look at the dead fish she'd tucked away in her purse no doubt, since it was only coincidence that she appeared there earlier than I to retrieve the specimens. Well, this elderly lady said a sentence like this:

"I don't have no fish in my purse and you take your bad ideas and get away from me!"

Well, I informed her I didn't have bad ideas of any sort, but only wanted to encourage the free sharing of natural property such as fish, and she seemed to make a snarling sort of noise at me, so I just let her pass and said not another word, as if there is one thing I know, it is to let a snarling animal pass.

And so that is what happened today, and I will be sure to be on guard for those in this world who simply get there first and take your dead fish project specimens, and do not want to share, even if they have not had such a world-changing experience, as I did when I learned about the shark in my trip to Florida, although I do have to thank
Abby for her warm welcome to send me mail, and that would be quite nice.



Sunday, April 10, 2005

Day 77: The beautiful suprise in orange and glitter, and a robot!

Well, it came to pass that a girl named Orchard received a very special treat yesterday, called Saturday, and that treat that she received was this:

Orchard received a very nice sweet letter from her best friend, Kimmy, and the letter was written on orange construction paper and had a few gold glitter spots on it and it said the following:

"Orchard, you are my best friend and I miss you and I am safe in Taiwan and that is the way that life is, but I am so happy that you tried to get to Taiwan to make sure I arrived safely and that what friends are for."

Well, it was the sweetest letter in the world, but I now much confess, that I am that Orchard which received said letter, and I also must confess that I am the one who wrote said letter that I received.

So I guess it is just back to waiting to hearing from Kimmy, but in the mean time, I have the beautiful letter that I wrote to myself from Kimmy. And I also have the wonderful kind words from my best friend bloggers, and my new blogger friend, Mister Underhill, who has suggested the world of robots, which is quite nice because I have heard of a wonderful robot named Valerie, who dated a Mr. Underwood that was a typewriter, but I really am not into that whole dating scene of typewriters and other such appliances.



Thursday, April 07, 2005

Day 74: Pepsi jingles, Florida life guards, and how the shark that stopped moving taught me a lesson that I learned

It is like I always say, "If you are struggling and moving and trying to make Life fit into the little shape you want it to, Life will find a way to slow you down and bring you back to where you belong, and hopefully it will be in one piece, and not missing a limb, but if it does, so be it." And that saying was brought into play by what has been happening to me for the past week or two.

Well, it seems I cannot keep track of every single day, but after Kimmy and I were reunited, we had a few days of friendship bliss, which consisted of the same fun times we'd had before, and new ones involving training Seeing-Eye dogs for the blind, creating jingles for Pepsi that Pepsi did not seem to understand the signifiance of, but time will tell, and setting a record of how long we could clean one single kitchen counter with a 409 Cleaning Spray, and 36 hours long is how long.

These times were fun, but Life decided once again that they could not last. And so it came to pass that Kimmy decided it was time to return to Taiwan as apparently she has a man there who intends to marry her, and she is not opposed to this idea. And I really was quite sad when I figured out this was happening, but I also had to try not to be selfish, as besides me, it seems most people in this country do not understand much of Kimmy's English, which has gotten a bit better, I must say, but still lacks many important words, even though Kimmy likes to communicate more in actions than words to me anyway.

So now it appears to be the case that Kimmy has left this country that I live in called "America" to many people, and so I departed on a journey to follow Kimmy and make sure she arrived safely in Taiwan because that is what friends are for. But of course, it seems there are many rules to flying on an aeroplane that I was not aware of, and it thwarted me at every turn. So then I tried to drive there, but I only made it as far as Florida, and did not have internet access there to contact my kind blogger friends who live there, and I wasn't even sure that Florida was headed in the right direction, and once I hit the water, I knew the car would have to be left behind.

And on my way to Florida, naturally, I tried to make friends, but I learned rather quickly that the people you can make friends with on your journey to Florida are not quite the kinds of friends you want to "bring home to Mom and Dad" as they say. So then I had to find a way to cross the waters, and so I was to leave my car behind with a new friend that had long hair but was a male that I met outside a very nice convenience store, but then the Life Guards of a hotel in Florida kept telling me there were not boats to Taiwan, but maybe I wanted to go to Key West instead. But I said I certainly did not want to go to Key West as Kimmy was not in Key West, and they said they did not know who Kimmy was, but when I tried to explain my tale, they said they really ought to be watching the residents swim in their pool and they advised me to go back to New York State or rent a hotel room there for the night.

Well, I felt a bit discouraged, as you can imagine, because I really only wanted to make sure Kimmy arrived safely. So then I appeared on the beach, and a man with a metal detector proceeded to tell me a tale about how he was attacked by a shark, and how sharks really CAN stop moving and stay alive, because he said the shark that attacked him stopped moving and sure had a grand old rest as he bit into his leg, and then swam off happy as a clam afterward. I thanked him for that nice shark tale and then told him I rather felt like a fish out of water, as I was trying to get to my best friend's house in Taiwan to help her arrive safely. So then he asked me a question about when her flight had left and other such personal attire, and I shared this information, as I felt he had certainly shared his personal attire with me about his shark attack, and he then said that Kimmy's flight no doubt had landed in Taiwan a week ago or so, and that she had either arrived safely or she had not, and my getting there wouldn't change a thing one way or the other.

And I really just think that shark man was placed on that beach so that he could enlighten me on my journey and bring it to an end, so that I too, could rest happy and secure, just as that shark had rested his teeth, on the man's leg, and it just brought a sense of peace to me and a connection to the creatures of the sea. And so I found the man with long hair who was now living in my car, who seemed not too pleased that I had returned to get it after all, but some friends like he just can't accept the fact that my journey had changed, so I told him I appreciated his concern for Kimmy, but this shark had to return to New York.

So now I have returned home at last, and my journey is why I have not been writing, but only had internet access on a "limited basis" before I arrived in Florida, and used that "limited basis" time just to check out a few of my best friend bloggers' posts, because you are all so special to me. So now that I am here, I am awaiting a letter from Kimmy any day, and in the mean time, I have decided to capitalize on the insight I had regarding the creatures of the sea and so I am going to try to visit the Long Island Sound every day now and collect dead fish, and perhaps make a project out of them, so that people can start to appreciate all the living creatures of the water world, who can teach us lessons about our journeys and ourselves, just as the shark and his man-prey taught me.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Day Number I am not sure, because I have had an adventure which leaves me needing to put the "peepers" to bed

Well, this is a short post, but I just had to tell you all that I was okay, as it's been a while since I posted on account of a story that will probably just make you go, "Oh, that Orchard!" and other such phrases that characterize the drama that has unfolded before my eyes. And that story that has unfolded within the drama is one that I will tell you tomorrow, for today I have just returned from my adventure and now must rest my "peepers," as they say. But I thank you all for coming and caring and loving, and I will be back once again, and you are just wonderful to be patient with an Orchard such as I!

Love always,