Saturday, July 19, 2008

Well, now, what is this?

So it has come to the attention of this young girl that an item has HIT THE WORLD RUNNING, so to speak, with the speed and caress of a nice lollipop, but also the flair and creativity of my dog, Igor the Blog. And that said item is something called the


Which is why they call them "flip flops" because they are for the fitting. But it seems that 2000 arrived in the UK and they sold out in 1 hour and this woman is talking about them who seems to be American, but seems to have an old English accent hidden underneath, or perhaps a new pseudo-like-English accent trying to come out, like Madonna, who is a singer of "pop radio news."

So while this little Orchard has a summer of fun planned--from ice skating on the porch of air conditioning, to climbing the mount of evernesting, to singing "wee, wee, where is my lee--dul birdie?", this is one thing perhaps this Orchy as I shall try. Have you tried?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Well, lookie here at some interesting tunes...

You might be wondering what I've been up to lately. Well, besides Igor the Blog, my fish-friends, creating a surfboard that also has remote control as well as various other features called "fun facts", I have been following the chick-core rap band, Girl Crusade. And you won't believe it, but it's just the one of the things that is like girls, but maybe not entirely but pretty much. So you can go to the website for yourself, but here is also the video that I explored on a website called Youtube which even has pygmy goats running around in offices. So enjoy!
love always, orchie

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Well, do we have a fair system of selecting jurors or not?

Well, my blog friend, Dreamwalker who lives in New Zealand, posted a bit ago how she had to attend a possible session of maybe using her as a juror for a trial that is part of the country and it got me to thinking. Well, I do not know if she were chosen, but it is good that they are hoping for a smart young educated woman with a conscience, because often in the US of A, they choose many people who do not care, but rather, just want to leave, or rather, are stubborn and hold up the process. and say things like, "Two million dollars. That's it. Two million dollars" when it doesn't even make sense.

Or even rather do not speak English, but might speak Spanish or Chinese only, and yet they are jurors in NYC and they cannot understand anything the people are saying and they are not given translators. And it rather makes for a silly sort of process if the person must judge based on appearances only, and this assumes the non-english speaking person can see, but there are people who are blind also on the jury, so if one were blind and could not speak English, well, then one could only go on smell and tone of voice, I suppose, and that seems a bit limiting to decide a person's fate based on smell and such.

Love always,

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well, so it seems this is today.

I have to admit, that it has been since the time when we were in summer that last I blogged and it seems there is such a thing as "old blogger" and "new blogger" now. Of course, this does not mean one blogger is hip and one is out of date, but rather, rests on the notion that one version of the software known as blogger or what appears as blogspot, but actually, I'm just looking above and its seems it does not appear as blogspot, but rather blogger now, is an old version and one is a new one which has to do with google, but really both are run by google anyway.

But really, my point is to share with you a mystery that is unfolding in front of my very eyes. It seems just the other day when it was December 25, 2006, it was Christmas Day. I prayed and read of Jesus's birth in the book of Luke, and then I heard a 'tap tappety tap' on the window of the place where I reside. Well, I put the Bible down and flew right to the window and tore it open with a whoosh. And what did I see with my wondering eyes? Well, a little myster left for me in a brown paper bag.

Well, the bag contained a small "gift" of sorts that resembled a bar of ivory soap but was not quite that. Well, I thanked the open air because I figured the giver must not be far off, and it is always a nice thing to receive soap because really, where would we be without it?

I thought nothing of it, as Christmas is a time of mysteries and love and giving. But then today, as I was making a new masterpiece out of 2 pieces of paper, a straw, some glue and some of my dear Igor the Blog's fur, I heard another 'tap tappety tap tap' and then also 'tap tap.' Well, as you might expect, I tore to my window and through it up in a flash and there below was another brown bag.

I ran to it and opened it and saw inside a little tiny elephant figurine that was made out of seashells. My eye started to tear up as I recalled my ocean plan from my past which has made me who I am today. And I thought to myself, "This is quite unusual to receive a gift on a day such as this." But after I snooped around and could not find a soul, I went back to my residence and noticed Igor the Blog was licking my brand new calendar of "Puppies of the 19th Century." Well, he always has had a smart streak to him, and sure enough, I noticed he was licking today the most. And it made mention of the fact that it is such a time as Orthodox Christmas or King's Day or other such date so as to imply another day of giving and love is upon us.

And while I still do not know the giver, I am going to make it my mission to find out this solitary individual and thank him with a chocolate chip cookie cake with melted chocolate chips on top, unless he or she is diebetic or really just sensitive to a lot of sugar, because it sure is sweet.

love always and forever and forever and a day,
your Orchy

Thursday, September 14, 2006

well, it is now Google's time to shine along with a very greedy mouse

Well, some of you may or may not have noticed my adorable little ad that I have allowed Google Adsense to put forth on my blog site. Well, it took a lot of consideration on my part to procure such an advancement in life and bloggos, but it seemed Google just really wanted my service and when a girl like I can make the colors pink and hope for cute halloween pictures, how can she let a thing like Google done? Even though I really just want to type "good" every time I start to type "google." But that just goes to show you that even our fingers have developed a routine in life, and it is hard to deviate them from that norm of regular sameness.

So I do hope you'll admire my blog ad as much as I do, even though I really wanted the cutest little ads to the right of my blog that had pictures on them and all in a line, but apparently, that would squash my actual writing part of my blog which is not for blogs. I simply cannot wait until it starts putting up ads that reflect the content of my blog, because there really are so many interesting things that I can say in my blog that might have cute ads!

Like this content:

A mouse has come to live in my place of residence with me and Igor the Blog. Well, I have not exactly seen this said mouse, but I have seen that he has shredded through a plastic bag then a wrapper which housed reeces peanut butter cups and milkyway bars because, after all, Halloween is coming up. Well, he shredded through, all right, and then touch some bites and scrapes out of the candy and then left nothing but a few poops that are rather like round chocolate sprinkes. Now, I am not one to be a particular kind of girl, but I certainly cannot give all my adorable little trick-or-treaters candy that a mouse has rejected, or accepted.

So now I shall have to throw these out and somehow find a way to deal with a creature, called a mouse. And for now, I shall call the mouse:


And the name of Bork shall be what I refer to as "the mouse which resides in my place of residence and eats reeces peanut butter cups", when I really just didn't know that, after all, Bork has a sweet-tooth.

love forever,
and when the forever has ended, then forever more,
and when the forever more has ended,
well, then another more and more and more
until all the love of me has been given out and nothing remains but Bork.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just one little saying about life where I'm at

Well, I really realized that even making up an expression or two now and then, like I did in day 80, is not such a thing that is bad. And therefore, as I had the experience of being in a tele-vehicle on a highway today that is known as "Route 287", this is the expression that you may all welcome into your books of sayings, much as you did Day 80, back when I was counting days of blogger-life:

"Whilst things may come and go as a car races past the horns, once one hits a deer, that is the time when racing must come to an end, and one must always make the choice if one wishes to end the racing by oneself, OR by a deer--unless one does not have the choice, like when a deer comes out of nowhere, and then really all one can do is one's best, and isn't that just the way."

And you are also welcome to read that quote again and make it become a song like a campfire round.

And now I shall just go on about my evening as it is that time of night again.

always and forever,
near and far,
close and together,
every day, I will be with you,
every thing, I will do for you,
if I can and the deer does not stop me,


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dust mites teach even me a lesson

Well, the summer has been coming and going like a lightning bolt that has struck down a tree that has fallen in the midst of a summer storm. And that is the way of the hot weather here in the great ole state of New York.

And so, I have decided to tell a little anecdote about my lovely dog that is called Igor the Blog. I tell this in special secret-ness, although it is public as well, to my loyal friend, Dreamwalker, whom I feel is just always the sweetest and sticks with me through thick and thin.

Well, the tale of Igor the Blog as of late is this:

Igor the Blog has taken to eating up bits of dust mites that live under the couch where they have formed a community of democracy, that is more imagined than real in actual life. Well, Igor has coughed one too many times from this new hobby of his, so I said to him just this morning, "Igor the Blog, you must no longer eat the dust mites of the couch!"

Well, Igor looked at me with such a face that seemed to say, "But it is just what I want to be doing." And I really think it was what he wanted to be doing, because it's what he decided to do again, even after I told him he ought not to.

And it has taught me a simple lesson of life that all must learn at one point or another:

"One may tell another what to do for that other's good, but that other will not actually do it unless that other wants to, or is scared of you, or trusts that you are right, or has enough will power to stop."

And I also have decided that I would like to grow sugar cane in my residence, even though I have yet to explore how I ought to go about doing that, because my tomatoes have simply died at this point in life, but I did eat quite a few, as did Igor the Blog, as well.

And that is my little update which includes small tidbits of life.

love always and forever, near and far, close and together,


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Not just any ole bug, no, but a special situation

Well, when a girl such as I has one of the most intriguing of experiences, she can hardly keep it a secret from her best friend bloggers, even though she does not blog as much as she really ought to. And that experience is the following of late:

Why, just today, I was harvesting my tomato plants in "round 1" of my plant lines, as round 2 and round 3 were planted at different times of year and so on and so forth. Now then, as I was harvesting one large juicey plan that I have decided to call a "cherry tomato" as it looks like a cherry but is a tomato, well, I harvested it up and decided to give it a toss to my adorable growing pup, Igor the Blog.

Well, Igor has grown to find the value in tomatoes, even though at first Igor did not quite want to eat them, and so when I tossed it, Igor the Blog dove right at it and popped it up on his snout. The tomato did not get much height in its flight, but just enough so that when it landed, it gave off a tiny "poof." And wouldn't you know, it split open and there inside the tomato pod, lay just the cutest little bug that is not like any bug I have ever seen in my life that is entire.

The bug that I witnessed that is not the bug in the link that is there when you click on bug (but that I found online which was quite a coincidence because there it is a delicacy to eat such things, which I shall not) I shall now describe as the following because I really just don't have a digital camera to do my dirty work:
-short and squat
-rolly polly
-cute and fuzzy
-big eyed, long thin legs
-just the cutest little smirk
-colors of potato teal, velvet purple, ionizing red and mediocre blue

Well, that is about all I can say about the bug, but it really just made me think about life and about how really if a bug can survive in a tomato pod, and actually then come out looking quite interesting and unusual, then perhaps we can survive in situations that really are not what we thought we could? And that does seem to be the way in many situations, and really, I do welcome in the time of Spring.

love always,

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well, it is still I

Well, I have discovered that as of late it has been the case that some of you do believe that the Orchard that is I has gone on and left my fellow blogger best friends. But I am here to tell you that is really not the case at all, and I shall always hold my blogger friends dear, because they are the friends that have stood by me through thick and thin and always will.

And it has happenstanced that my new career of farming tomatoes and cotton has taken up much more time that a girl like I ever would have dreamed possible. Because growing tomatoes in the winter of times and always cotton in just a few pots here and there is not what people always dream it will be even though it is indoors. But this has been the case, and I only must apologize that it has kept me from my best friend bloggers.

So this is just a quick note to let you know I do care for you all, and hopefully Dreamwalker's and Michael's post comments will jumpstart my bloggerlife again, because it really has always been the highlight.

love always,
orchard p dirk

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The year of the 2006 and the first man that has caught my eye in this year that might be no better than the lean cuisine which is quick

Well, it has come to pass to become the year of 2006, in which adventures are a plenty. For instance, a simple trip to the grocery store turned out to be rather something else that was not quite an adventure, but more of a realization and one that is set to be more of a standard or resolution for myself.

I was standing in the aisle of the "frozen food" section which includes such delights as the Lean Cuisine of Turkey and Mashed Potatoes, and I came to realize my nose became quite cold as I opened up the door and stared on in. There was a man standing near me who was loading up the frozen foods into the shelves, and he appeared to be one of the men who's job it was to load frozen foods to the shelves. And so I felt he would understand more than any other person I could imagine of in the whole universe, including bloggers. So I said in my innocent voice of love, "Have you noticed how my nose gets cold when I open the door and peer my head on inside?"

Well, he said he had not noticed and why the h*ll would he, and then he said that sometimes it is warmer if one closes the door and looks and then decides, then opens the door. But I pointed out that once I had opened the door, as I always did to grab some atrocity or other, that when I closed it back up, it would get all steamed up, and then I simply could not see inside anymore, so then I would have to open it. He found that quite a cycle, and I said that he was observant, but that life is really rather like that from time to time. And it happens to be the case that sometimes when one opens the door to grab something in haste, it just makes it that much harder to grab other things with thought, and even might make your nose cold.

I then decided to apply that theory to the man in the store, as I really am quite a scientist of life, and so I just took the bull by the horns, so the speak, and asked him if he would just go ahead and marry me, even though I knew it would make it harder to see others after that might happen. Well, he wore a crooked smile on his face, and before he could respond, I tended to start to see the future of how there were plenty o' men in the sea, but that the fog that surrounded my hasty man just went on and ruined everything else in life, and it really made me decide that even though this man wanted to marry me, a girl like I just really ought to not take the first meal she finds, and really ought to hold out for the one that makes her heart skip just a beat a little now and then like the man from the Shell Station.

And so that is why I have come to the place of being alone once again, and even though I have given up quite a fine specimin of a frozen food deliverer and stocker, I feel that it is what a girl like I just ought to do.

And I have to just admit that I am going to just go on ahead and post this blog like it is, even if that means not going back to put in the nice links to illustrate my point, but maybe I will change the color, because if a girl can't find a little color in life, what can she, when really 2006 is the year of many colors.

Love always,